Fridges and Freezers: A Simple Buyers Guide

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Fridges and Freezers

The whole point of refridgerating and freezing is to prolong the safe storage of food.  Depending on your lifestyle and eating habits you will have different requirements, and you will probably be limited in your choice by the availability of space in your kitchen, pantry, etc.

Style and colour is more prevalent when making a decision towards which appliance you buy allowing you to personalise your kitchen, pantry, etc.

Type and Space

There is a choice of five basic types of refridgeration:

  • Fridge-Freezers
  • Larder Fridges
  • Standard Fridges (with a small freezer compartment)
  • Upright Freezers
  • Chest Freezers

Shopping habits

If you tend to do one big weekly shop, buying larger packet sizes you are more likely to need a large capacity unit.  Similarly if you do a  monthly shop you will probably need a large capacity freezer unit.

Eating Habits

The amount of fresh food, cooked/chilled meals and frozen food you buy will also be a key factor in which applaince will best suit your needs.

Size of Family

If you have young children then it is likely that you will require a larger freezer space.

Style and Design

Space is a key factor.  If space is limited then an upright fridge freezer or fridge is likely to be the best solution.  Certain appliances can also be stored in a garage but you will need to check the suitability of the individual models. (See Climate Classification)

Practical Features & Benefits

Functionality and practical internal and external features will still be an overriding consideration for you.  You will need to consider if the layout inside the fridge and freezer will accommodate the quantity and type of food/beverages that you purchase.


There are two types of refridgerator; the larder fridge and the standard fridge, the latter coming with a small icebox. The larder fridge has more space than a standard fridge and is more suitable for someone who has a separate freezer.

Refridgerator Features

Automatic defrost: The cabinet is automatically defrosted, without having to switch of the appliance.  The defrosted water drips down the back of the cabinet where is collected and allowed to evaporate outside of the appliance. 

Temperature: Most fridges have an interior temperature of between 5 and 17 degrees celsius.  An internal dial usually controls the temperature.  Some models may have an electronic control where you select the temperature and will fridge will maintain it.  The ideal temperature is 5 degree celsius as bacterial activity is low at this temperature

Other Refridgeration features:

  • Interior Lights
  • Adjustable Shelving (Solid / Tilting)
  • Flexible door furniture - bottle grippers
  • Beverage Accessories - For bottles / cartons
  • Can Holders
  • Salad Crisper / Drawer


There are three types of freezer available: the work-top height freezer which often sites side by side with a matching fridge; the upright freezer and the chest freezer.

Fridge-Freezers comprise a larder fridge and a freezer.  Whilst all sorts of fridge-freezer combinations are available the most popular is the half & half.  The most used cabinet is best situated at the top for easier access.

Freezer Temperature

All stand alone freezers and freezer sections of two door fridge freezers are rated 4 star.  Most freezer boxes in standard fridges are rated one, two or three star.

A four star freezer stores food at -18 degrees celsuis and can fast freeze food at -26 degrees celsuis.

Climate Classification

If you wish to store your refridgerating appliance in a garage or a holiday home that is not used in the winter months you will have to choose a suitable product.

Refridgeration appliances are classified according to the climate condition within which it will operate effectively.  There are two main classifications:

  • N (Normal) - Suitable for use in ambient temperatures +16 to 32 degress celsius
  • SN (Sub Normal) - Suitable for use in ambient temperatures +10 to 32 degrees celsius

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