Fruit machine refill keys. The truth...

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I have sold these keys on ebay before, and I own several, as I have a couple of fruit machines, so here is the truth about them.

You can see many of these for sale on ebay, there is nothing wrong with them being sold, as they have a genuine use for owners of machines, but many are sold with misleading info....

  • The will give you free games of pool.

No they wont, pool tables DO NOT use the same type of switch as a fruit machine uses for refilling. The only ones that will, are ones where the owner (in there home) has changed the lock themselves. I defy ANY seller to actually name a make of pool table that uses theys keys.

  • They will give you an advantage over other players.

No they will not, they are for REFILLING THE MACHINE WITH POUND COINS. They do not give you a magic advantage, nor will they tell you the best time to play. Even if you find a machine that still tells you how many pound coins are in the hopper or tubes, IT MEANS NOTHING!

A fruit machine does NOT base its payouts on the level of coins it is holding in its hopper or tubes, the hopper could be emptied and it can still offer a jackpot. Coins going into the cashbox (dropping) is also not an indication of a machines readiness to play. Its a MYTH.

By all means if you have a machine, buy a refill key, but you dont even need to, you can short the wires out to get the same effect (plus if you have your own machine you can refill with a refill key anyway!).

Taking a key down to a pub or arcade will not get you anywhere apart from barred probably for being a idiot.

Also, pretty much ALL refill keys are the same, there are no "magic" or "newer" keys that work differently. All the key does is operate an electrical switch to put the machine into refill mode, or allow you to adjust the volume. You can see how many coins are in the hopper on some machines, but thats useless, as explained earlier, save your money, and buy yourself a fruit machine for the home if you dont believe me!



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