Fuji Finepix S602 Pro & Zoom - Avoid being conned!

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Thinking of buying a Fuji Finepix S602 Pro camera?

Buyers beware as some eBayers are advertising their S602 Zoom as an S602 Pro!

There is a substantial difference in price as the Zoom is a much cheaper model than the Pro (up to £150.00). You can spot the difference as the shutter release button on the Pro model (left hand side viewing from the front) is silver and has a threaded hole in the centre so you can screw in a remote release (cable release). Also, the rear body of the camera on the Pro is black with the Zoom having a grey version. Look out for Fuji Finepix S602 Pro written on the box if it is shown (often you will see Zoom!). Lastly, there is a pc sync socket for flash systems to the front left (next to the lense) which is normally covered up with a small rubber cap.  

The manual for the S602 is the same for both models so if you see one shown on a listing it will have S602 Zoom at the top (confusing eh!). And to add more confusion about manuals... If you go to a download site for the manual you will see S602 Pro Zoom (this just means its for both models)!

Please note: If you see Pro Zoom or a Zoom Pro in the listing the seller is either trying to confuse you or doesnt really have a clue what he is selling! 

I have on several occasions seen an S602 listed as a Pro in the heading only to find its a Zoom in the description (I have also seen it the other way around which could mean you can pick up a bargain!) and lastly, I have seen them listed as both throughout the heading and description... 

I own a Pro version (from new) and can highly recommend it over the Zoom version... You can get a good one for between £50.00 and £70.00 (which seems to be the going price). If you go for the Zoom version (still a good camera) expect to pay between £40.00 and £50.00 for it...

Lastly, if you are concerned about what model is actually being sold, contact the seller and ask him to confirm it is actually the camera you want (reference this guide). If the seller is genuine he will respond with the correct information, if he doesn't, well, report him to eBay...

Update: I have just received this message from this eBayer - jscameras:

On your review of Fuji S602, where you say its either a Pro or Zoom, not both. - my Pro says S602 Zoom on the flash housing and S602 Zoom on the base label. The box is the same as the regular S602 Zoom with an added yellow "Black Version" sticker. The manual just covers the regular Zoom, with a single page flyer to cover the Pro features. Maybe Fuji changed things a bit during the production run, but you can't condem a S602 Pro Zoom or Zoom Pro advertiser as a confidence trickster! Regards. John...

And my reply:

Read this review... It clearly states the difference between the two models. The S602 Pro is an uprated S602 Zoom.. that's why there is Zoom on the flash cover and bottom label on both models. As for the box: Do you really think Fuji would put a yellow sticker on a Zoom box to say its a "Black Version" ....!! I don't think even Fuji would risk a run in with Trading Standards. The Fuji S602 box clearly states the camera is a Zoom or Pro version... if any eBayer is selling a Pro in a Zoom box with a "black sticker" on it, it probably means they have put it there or purchased the camera second hand and someone else put it there.. one thing is for sure FUJI didn't!  Lastly, a "Black version" means absolutely nothing..

So, if you see this eBayer selling an S602 Pro be very very careful to check the description, photos and the box.. chances are you may not get what you expected!.. Maybe he thinks he can change the camera just by changing the label?... (and maybe he can pull rabbits out of the box too!).

Happy bidding and good luck.

If you found this guide helpful I would really appreciate your vote... thank you.

P.S. Several buyers have contacted me to thank me for writing this guide (it has saved them a lot of hasstle and money), and several sellers have contacted me to tell me what a to**er I am for telling them. :-)    

Must mean eBay guides actually work!

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