Fun Christmas activities for Kids

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There are so many great things you can make and do at Christmas with your kids and I thought I would list my top 5 Christmas Activities which make Christmas even more fun for kids.

1. Elf on the shelf - there are many varieties of Elves out there and you can choose the one that you like best. Our elf visits our house every day in December. Some times he is cheeky and gets into trouble and other times he is just watching to make sure that everyone is being good. If you search elf on the shelf ideas you can see how other people use their elf!

2. North Pole Breakfast - The first weekend in December our Elf brings the kids a north pole breakfast. This usually consists of chocolate milk with all sorts of things you would never normally give your kids for breakfast. Cupcakes, biscuits, chocolated etc which is apparently the normal diet of an elf! 

3. Reindeer food - This is a great cold and wet afternoon activity that you can do with your kids. Simply mix porridge oats with glitter and then on christmas eve sprinkle outside so that the reindeers can see your house.

4.  Christmas Eve Box - Every christmas eve a box appears under the tree. In the box are usually christmas pj's, a christmas movie, popcorn, hot chocolate etc anything that you think you would enjoy doing on christmas eve!  The kids love opening this and getting ready for the night ahead.

5. Christmas Book Advent - this is our newest activity we do but one in which the kids love. The idea being that you wrap up 24 books and they become your advent calender. Each night the kids choose a book and unwrap it and this is their bedtime story. 

These are the activities which we do and which really make it feel like Christmas for us. I hope there is something that you would like to do too.

Happy Christmas!

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