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Mr men and Little Miss Books - Educational reading

Both of my children have gained so much from reading. They really enjoy reading the Mr men and Little Miss books.

We started reading these when they were very young, they would laugh at the stories, talk about what may happen next and eagerly ask to look at the pictures.

As the children got older they would choose to read the stories themselves. We have collected over 85 books over the years. I feel certain that the books inspired both of my children to read and actually get pleasure from reading. 

Although the children are now ready to sell the books they are interested in bigger chapter books such as Tom Gates and David Walliams. The books can seem quite expensive to buy individually so I would recommend shopping around to find bundles of the books as you can save a few pennies. 

If you wanted to buy a big bundle all at once the other option is the Little Miss and Mr men library option. All of the books are numbered and if you line them up in order they do actually spell Mr men and Little Miss.

I feel the stories are funny but also help children to learn the moral of the story too.
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