Funmum - Not FREE exchange

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Warning - Funmum advertise a free exchange service on their website - it is not a free exchange at all as you have to pay to return the goods for an exchange!!!  THIS IS NOT FREE EXCHANGE.

I raised this with Funmum and they could not care any less!  I decided to return my items after disputing this free exchange service and they refused to give me a refund as my goods had not been received by their warehouse within 7 days!  I returned the items within 4 days so my items were obviously sat in a warehouse for 3 days so they could keep my money!!!!

My husdand spoke to a Director who just said tough - no refund.  Disgusting to treat anyone like that let alone a pregnant lady!!!  Such a shame as if they provided a FREE exchange service as advertised and some customer service I would have spent hundreds of pounds with them by now!!!


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