Furniture Delivery & eBay local collection pickup only

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Furniture Delivery Couriers on eBay

This aim of this guide is to help eBay buyers and sellers deal with 3rd party couriers.  

Clearly furniture cannot be sent via the regular channels via your local post office.  Often if an item of furniture for sale on eBay such as a sofa, wardrobe or bed it is listed as "local collect only".  This will mean that the bidder will have to arrange their own ebay delivery.

There are a large number of transport operators who can deal with such oversized deliveries.  However as these are often on a dedicated basis you do need to bear this in mind and understand costs will usually be higher than you had hoped!

Where to get quotes

eBay itself is a good place to search for couriers, however do bear in mind you will usually be paying full rate for a courier service.  Instead, you are best of using a site called  Shiply.  Here you can post up your delivery needs and simply wait for couriers who are already making similar trips to yours to provide you with extremely low delivery quotes.

You do need to be flexible with your delivery dates, however, you can save up to 75% of full-rates that you would find elsewhere by phoning around.

Safety of your delivery

As with any industry there are unscrupulous operators out there so it does pay to do your homework.  Before releasing furniture to any courier company for delivery, be sure to check their background and insuarnce documents On  Shiply, you have the added benefit of seeing transport operators feedback - a bit like eBay - there are positive negative and neutral ratings.

Why should a seller offer / recommend a courier for local collect only items?

Simply, potential bidders are put off if they have to either arrange a courier themselves or rent a van and drive themselves.    Shiply have a widget which eBay sellers can place in their eBay local pickup listing, this allows potential bidders to use Shiply and get low cost courier quotes.  More interested bidders, means more bids and ultimately a higher ending price!

We hope this guide helps you in sourcing furniture delivery quotes.

Here is the  Shiply again.
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