Further advice on Ps2 repairs and disc read errors!

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Hi All,

many thanks for all the great feedback on our previous guide. Due to the popularity of it we thought we'd add a quick follow up.

If you have not read our first guide you can find it here: Guide 1

Please note this guide is offered to those specifically having laser errors as these are the most expensive problems on the ps2. For those looking for advise or on repairs for other faults please do not hesitate to mail us.

If you have tried cleaning your laser and the other tips on our first guide and are still struggling then unfortunately this will probably mean that your laser has reached the end of its life and needs replacing.

There a couple of problems here:

1/ old style ps2 lasers are no longer in production. If you see sellers advertising them as new be vary wary as 99% will be refurbished and not new. (If anyone knows of a supplier of definate new lasers please let us know as we would love to find a supply!) lol

2/ Most old style lasers which you can find are well in excess of £30 and aren't guaranteed to fix your problem.

Don't dispare though as you do still have a cost effective option!

If you call Sony on 0870 5998877 and ask them to do an exchange with your console they will send you a like for like unit delivered to your door for £55 no matter what the condition or if it has a warranty seal or not.

(If your console has its warranty seal intact, you have your reciept of purchase, and it is still within warranty, they will do this free of charge)

So if you are intending to send your console off for repairs and have been quoted more than £40 inclusive of postage both ways then why not fork out the £55 and have a new console. Sony will also give you 3 months warranty on the replacement.

Hope that helps some of you out ;)


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