Futronix Enviroscene - multi channel dimming controller

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Powerful yet compact, he Enviroscene fmulti-channel dimming controller createas atmospheric lighting environments on any scale for luxury residences (as well as restaurants, bars and cinemas, conference rooms and other commercial applications).

The Enviroscene controller is a modular system of dimmers and switch panels installed throughout the home, with a convenient master switch panel at the front door or elsewhere.  Additional master swtich panels can be installed wherever desired.  Designed to provide an affordable intelligent dimming system for larger installations, the versatile Enviroscene is built around range of standard modules of 4 circuits x 10A or 8 circuits x 5A.  The system is eaily programmed using the optional remote control, laptop or PC or the new Futronix Home-Icon TFT Colour Touch Screen Controller.  Offering much more than just intelligent dimming, the Enviroscene system also control a host of other programmable home automation features - including curtains and drapes, TV and screen lifts, even water features - can interface with security and alarm systems to provide intelligent home automation.  The Enviroscene is installed out of view and operated by the (optional) remote control or wall-mounted switch panels.  Standard size switches with stylish hand-finished solid-metal face plates complement any decor.  Other convenient options include a 24 hour 7 day time that schedules selected scenes for wake-up, welcome, and security settings, giving even more control over lifestyle and home security.


Multi-room control is simple with Enviroscene - individual rooms are wired to the system, then configured at installation time using the remote control.  Each lighting circuit can be set to be in any room or zone, with each room working - with full scene setting - independently of any other.  During programming, lighting circuits in an area are set to any desired level of dimming from 0 to 100% and the levels are automatically stored as a scene.  Scenes can be set for entertaining, relaxing, watching TV or reading - or for security or energy saving.  A generous twenty scenes - each providing a cmopletely individual look to the room - can be progarmmed, then recalled at any time by the touch of a button on the wall panel or remote control unit.

Programming & Setup

Programming and setting up by remote control keeps switch plates simple and attractive.  Wiring switch panels on one 4-core low voltage cable "daisy-chained" from one panel to the next minimizes cabling and simplifies maintenance.  During installation each switch panel can be configured to operate a single zone or any number of zones or to act as a master to them all.

Zones & Expansion

A distinctive feature of the Enviroscene dimmer is its ability to set up multiple lighting zones, where a zone corresponds to a room or area.  The Enviroscene Master comes complete with either 4 channels of 10A or 8 channels of 5A dimming on board, and up to 16 circuits cna be controlled using a range of add-on slaves available in 4 x 10A  and 8 x 5A formats.  For bigger systems with even more flexibility, Enviroscene Masters can be connected together for form systems with 32, 48, 64 or more channels of lighting.


Outstation switchplates for the Enviroscene dimmer can be used as multi-location switches to select the scenes in any or all of the different rooms or areas.  Futronix elegant switchplates are crafted of robust 2mm solid metal and individually hand-finished in lacquered polished brass, polished or brushed stainless steel, and stylish white metal (white powder-coated brass with engraved logo).  Also available is the new Futronix "Eclipse" range of switchplates and accessories.  Switchplates are standard single gang UK size.

Timer (optional)

The Enviroscene's (optional) timer can be programmed to select any scene at any time or day of the week - up to 70 different events each week (10 per day).  Uses range from "welcome" scenes - which automatically switch on selected house lights for your return home - to security settings.  For bedrooms, a convenient sleep delay feature switches off lights after a pre-set delay of up to 2 hours, and the timer can be set to fade up bedroom lights in the morning with a "wake-up" scene.


Programme a secuity lighting sequence that lasts a few minutes or many hours - automatically sequencing through pre-set scenes and displaying each one for any variable length of time - to give the impression that the property is occupied.


Create subtle or dramatic lighting displays to draw attention to an area or to pick out certain items in a display by linking a series of scenes and programming the duration and fade rate.  Residential applications include home cinemas - to create a "transition" light show before and after a film - and architectural or landscape lighting.  Commercial uses include retail displays and exhibitions.

Remote control

Dimming levels, master raise and lower, fade rate and sleep timer duration can all be programmed and selected from the convenient remote control handset.  Lighting levels can be temporarily adjusted without storing them.  The Enviroscene also can be controlled by 3rd party remote control devices, including touch screens via the industry standard interface.  A major benefit of the remote control is in commissioning and programming of systems where the Enviroscene dimming equipment and the lighting are some distance apart.  Any element of the system can be programmed using the remote control handset, eliminating the need to carry around a laptop vulnerable to damage or theft.  Remote control units for the Enviroscene are available with 2 levels of capability.  Limited reporgramming is available from the basic (20 key) RC20 unit, while advanced programming can be performed with the (50 key) RC50 unit.  Both remote controls offer password protection, meaning that after handover the homeowner or staff can make an alteration to lighting - either temporary or permanent - using only the remote control unit (no laptop required), whil the commissioning engineer can set access priority levels and limits to reprogramming.

Home-Icon colour touch screen controller

Programming and operation of the Enviroscene system can all be done from the Futronix Home-Icon TFT Colour Touch Screen Controller.  This dynamically updated interface links dimmers together and provides for multiple functions, with one-touch macros to run pre-set "environments" for lighting and for whole-house ambient control.

Fluorescent dimming

8 channels of 1-10v industry standard fluorescent dimming control are available via an optional card (either an internal card which is pre-wired if ordered with the Enviroscene, or a wall-mounted add-on unit) and each of the 8 channels can control up to 30 fluorescent ballasts.  A relay switching unit is available to provide "positive on/off switching" supply power to the ballasts.

Remote install location

Installation out of sight means that equipment, wiring and accessory components can be arranged for easy cabling, installation and programming at the same time simplifying inspection and maintenance.

Rugged quality & durability

For luxury homes with complrehensive dimming requirements or for light commercial installations, the Enviroscene's all digitial design and commercial build-quality assure extremely reliable, trouble free operation.  Designed and fabricated for commercial use, the Enviroscene dimmer features generously rated heatsinks, a very high level of short circuit protection, and robuts construction with stainless steel chassis.  Futronix designs and manufactures all of its own products, guaranteeing superior quality, proven reliablity and extended life.

Backward compatibility

Since 1994, when Futronix first introduced the digital dimmer, all Futronix products have been designed to be fully compatible both backwards & fowards.  In addition to the relability provided by Futronix advanced all-digital design and superb build quality, Futronix policy of always maintaining backward compatibility means that a substantial investment in a dimming system will retain its value over the years, with maintenance, service and spare parts always available.


Dimming lighting saves energy.  With the Enviroscene, up to 98% of unused lightig energy is saved through dimming, and because fading a lamp digitally is gentler on the filament than just switching it on and off, bulb life is prolonged by 30% or more.


Enviroscene master units (ENV410 & ENV 805) have a control card which operates 16 channels of dimming, with actual power dimming available in 4 or 8 channels versions.  The remaining spare control channels can be utilized by adding Enviroscene Slave Units (S410, S805) available with in-built dimming for either 4 or 8 channels.  More master units can be added as required.  Control up to 128 circuits of lighting or switching.  20 programmable scenes per zone or area.  No min load on any channel.  Infra-red remote control (optional).  Variable fade rates from 0.5 seconds to 2 hours (to gradually turn lights on/off).  Temporary circuit adjust ment without save.  Master raise and lower.  Exit delay & sleep timer.  Built in 24 hr 7 day event timer (battery backed).  Security settings.  Communication port for PC or colour touch screen interface (Futronix Home-Icon).  Permanent memory (in the event of a power blackout pre-set scenes are not lost, and the dimmer does not need to be re-programmed).

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