Futronix P50 - Digital Dimming Notes and Pictures

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Futronix P50 Electrical Specification:

Mains Supply: 220-240 Vac, 50Hz / 60Hz Auto Detecting
600w Dimming Output
1 Channel
20w Minimum Load
Tungsten or Halogen load
3A Incoming Supply Protection
Zone 1 Areas
Single Gang BS Standard wallbox 47mm depth
Approval CE BS

Side View Rear View Corner View

Front View Angle 1 Front View Angle 2

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The Futronix range is industry known to be a top end digital dimming system with their feature project at the 7 star hotel in Dubai

P50 Drop in replacement - no neutral dimmer
The elegant P50 features hand-finished switch plates of robust 2mm thick solid metal, available in the following finishes:
  • Stainless Steel Polished - hand polished to a high lustre
  • Stainless Steel Brushed - matte finish resists marking
  • White Metal - powder-coated brass with engraved logo
The stylish Futronix P50 is the perfect dimmer to easily replace an existing light switch, as it requires no neutral. And dimming your lights saves energy! The smallest all-digital dimmer available, the P50 gives three programmable levels of dimming, ideal for bedroom, kitchen and living areas. Create and set the looks you prefer for your room, then recall them effortlessly at any time with a touch of the remote control.
Futronix stylish face plates are superbly finished to match any décor. The Futronix P50 dimmer features 3 levels of brightness. Once programmed, your settings will be remembered - even with the power switched off. In use - with just a single touch - the lighting will fade to your selected level. Press OFF and the lights will gently fade out. Read or watch television or a move before sleep, or put children to bed with the built in Sleep Delay feature - ideal for both adult's and children's bedrooms.

Energy Savings
Dimming lighting saves energy.  Bulb life is also prolonged by 30% because fading a lamp is gentler on the filament than just switching it on or off.

10% lights dimmed    10% Electricity saved   >22x Extends Lamplife
25% lights dimmed    20% Electricity saved   >24x Extends Lamplife
50% lights dimmed    40% Electricity saved   >20x Extends Lamplife
75% lights dimmed   60% Electricity saved    >20x Extends Lamplife

Remote Control
Your choice of dimming levels can be slected with the supplied remote control.  Programme your dimming levels, master raised and lower, fade rate and sleep timer duration - all from the convenient remote control.  You can choose power up dimming options, either the last dimming level slected, or OFF.

Simple to Program
Changing levels from factory settings is simple.  Press OFF and Level 1 simultaneously for 5 seconds, then select the level to be adjusted, holding the key to increase the brightness level or pressing OFF to lower the level to your satisfaction.  Release the key and your level to your satisfaction.  Release the key and your level is automatically stored for recall.

The P50 is a single channel dimmer featuring the very latest Futronix digital dimming technology.  No neutral is required - just normal live supply and live out to the load.  This feature makes the P50 ideal for residential use - recommended for replacement of existing light switches or dimmers.  The P50 can dim tungsten or mains halogen lamps or magnetic low voltage with a maximum rating of 600W and a minimum load of 20W.

Futronix Quality
All Futuronix consumer dimmers are built to the same legendary quality standards as our commercial models.  Futronix designs and manufactures all of its own products, guaranteeing superior qualityk proven reliability and extended life.

-single channel 600W dimmer
-infra-red remote control
-built-in LED information display and infra-red receiver
-master raise and lower
-exit delay
-sleep timer
-variable fade rate from 0.5 seconds to 1 hour (to gradually turn lights on/off)
-permanent memory (in the event of a power blackout you don't lose pre-set scenes or need to re-programme your dimmer)

Mains supply input voltage 220-240 Vac
Mains supply input frequency 50Hz/60Hz autodetecting
Mains supply input current 3A incoming supply
Number of channels 1
Dimming output (max) 600W per channel (max)
Dimming output (min) 20W minimum load
Switching output (max) 600W per channel (max)
Load type Tungsten, Mains halogen, magnetic low voltage
Wall box sizes single gang BS standard wallbox
(W,H,D) mm 75, 75, 35mm depth

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