G-Star jeans. How to tell the fakes from the genuines

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Hi people.. I'm getting pretty sick and tired of people selling crap quality G-Star on Ebay so I am giving you the lowdown on how to spot the fakes... I work for G-Star, have been wearing the product for nearly 10 years and have been selling it for over 5 so I can spot a shitter from a mile away!

96 Elwoods are the most commonly seen on here. They are only available with the 96 sewn into the back of the left thigh. These jeasn are also only available as a NARROW fit. They have NEVER made a loose fitting 96 embroidered Elwood. They are only available in a few Denims a season so Check at your local Stockists. The real jeans have a Leather patch on the back and not a PVC or plastic one. The real jeans won't lay down flat on the ground as they are ergonomic and are shaped to the leg. You can't lay them flat.

G-Star Jeans very rarely use zip fly. They are expensive to put in, and don't last as long as buttons.

G-Star rivets tend to have 'GS' '3301' 'GSRD' or some ID on them, this will be straight, even and easily read.

G-Star Jeans prices start from £70 and go up to £230 for the hand crafted versions. So seeing them on here, new, for less than £40 is wrong. These fake jeans use AWFULL quality cotton, techniques and dye to make these jeans and are worth no more than £20.

Raw denim is where the denim has had no fading or treatments. Not all G-Star denim is 'raw'.

G-Star Raw is a brand that uses quality materials and techniques and promotes good working environments for all of its overseas workers. As you can imagine, the people tt make the akes do not.

Ifany of you have any doubts, please ask me. It is hard for me to tell from just photos so I can't be 100% correct ut at least you will have a head start.

I have had a pair of their Jeans for over 9 years now so you can but the real jeans with the confidence than they will last, fit right, look good and be comfortable (and that people wont laugh and take the piss out of you behind your back or being a cheapskate).




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