G star raw Guide to spotting fakes easily

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As we all know there is a lot of counterfeit G star merchandise being sold right here on Ebay. Now there is nothing more frustrating than waiting 2 weeks on your item to recieve it and find its fake! If you are unsure about what you are bidding on then you should always message the seller to ask "Is this item Authentic and not factory seconds.

I myself am a real enthusiast of G-star and would like to help people with less knowledge understand how to spot a replica or copy from a mile. Things to look out for are listed below.


Dont be fooled by authentic looking tags as anybody with the right equipment can put these together. Tags are just cardboard and paper and do not need to be designed for wear, they are just designed to fool you. Stay clear of bright orange tags as these are poor quality copies, you tend to see these tags on elwood 96 jeans.

Look out for items with the little metal jean sculpture on the tags, it looks like a keyring shaped like a pair of jeans its made of metal, copies do not have this so if they have this then there is a very good chance they are genuine.


G star items are made all over the world but certain items are made in certain places. Counterfeit items dont always get labelling right so heres what to look out for.

Jeans are made in India and China so if its Taiwan or anywhere else then its fake!

T-shirts are made in Bangladesh and India so if its anywhere else then its probably fake!

Jackets are made in China and usually come one size smaller than they state, Large fitting Medium and so on. So if its anywhere else then im afraid its gonna be fake.


Stitching, quality and detail.

Stitching is the most important thing to look out for. It should be neat and tidy and never fraying or wonky. Turn the item inside out and check the stitching, this should be very professional and precise, if its not, then its fake. All G star items go through a  strict screening process and must pass a quality check before being cleared for dispatch. G star also have specially designed pop rivets these are the little studs on the pockets ect. Genuine g star studs have little nipples on them and are not completely flat, they will have gs 3301 or 10 raw denim wrote on them if they are all flat or plain then the item may be fake. Your item will feel of good quality and expensive, you should be able to tell just by the way it looks and the feel of it, g star is made to a very high standard, so if you have doubts then its probably fake.

Buy real and get a deal

If you want to avoid counterfeit merchandise but dont want to pay the huge price tag well you have to make sacrifices. We all know that around 90% of G star items being sold on ebay are fake but most people dont know that around 90% of second hand G star items are Genuine. If you look through the second hand items you will without a doubt find what you are looking for at a fraction of what the fake goods would cost. Because its second hand this does not mean that your items are of less quality or will last less than a new item. So keep this in mind when you by G star from ebay.



Conroy Lindsay

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