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UPDATED 2006/2007

Recently their have been Fake/Scammers ebayers trying to sell consoles such as x box 360, PSP, ps2 and DS Lite and I have checked completed listings to see if any one has bought from these fake ebayers and found their have been a lot of people buying from these fake ebayers, so Ive decided to make this guide on how to prevent this from happening and also this guide will tell you what to do if you do get scammed.

Firstly check ALWAYS there feedback score, their feedback reviews and if possible what type of items they have sold or bought to get that feedback score. A lot of people buy their feed either by buying auctions that cost 1p or selling e-books for 1p this does not always mean they are scammers but it is one of the things a scammer would have.

Look out for the buy it now prices if the sellers buy it now price seems very low compared to what the item is worth than email the seller asking various questions but if there is only one stock of the item than buy it but do not pay until you can say yourself that the seller is genuine. Also when you do buy items please buy only if you have the money and can pay once you have verified the seller is genuine. Even if the seller sounds genuine he still can be a scammer, some other ways to check if hes a genuine seller is to ask for his mobile number or another really good way is to ask him if you can pick up the item and pay in cash, even if you dont plan to do this. Any seller that isnt a company would be happy to say yes because it would save the seller money but sellers that have high feedback and sell a lot of items will probably say no because they run a company so they post from their warehouses.

Before buying from a Ebayer check what items he/she has sold before the quickest way to do that is to click on his/her name and than click on feedback left by buyers to see if he/she has sold any products before and what feedback he/she got. If an ebayer is selling a mass quantity of products for less and wants payment by cheque, bank transfer or post, be very cautious as these are signs of scammers.

Recently on EBay their have been sellers with scores of 10 feedback, who have a fake feedback score and have been selling products such as Game Consoles for very cheap prices and some people are buying these products because of how the listing looks. On the listing they have used a genuine picture that looks like they have taken of the Console but its obvious they are scammers, this tells you that you cant always rely on listing pictures so take other precautions.

Always read the listings clearly over and over again so you Havant missed out any information because some ebayers write in small writing I am only selling information, and on this information people bid hundreds of pounds because you have made a contract and are required to read the listing fully before bidding or buying paypal dont give your money back on some occasions.

If you have paid a fake seller and he has not contacted you in several weeks than turn to paypal and open a dispute immediately, when replying to your dispute clearly state what has happened and why you opened this dispute. Always make sure your dispute reply is accurate, if this does not help and you think know for sure the ebayer has scammed you than turn to your credit card company or bank and make a chargeback only do this when you are a 100 percent sure you have been scammed and take all these actions within 45 days because after 45 days on paypal you cannot make a dispute. If you have purchased an item from an ebayer that sells a lot of goods than please be patient and wait a bit longer for his/her replies.

Please remember I have written this guide to help all ebayers in there future sales, so please do NOT use this guide to scam anyone in anyway because always think how would you feel if you were scammed on eBay.

Hope this guides helps all ebayers and I hope to write more guides like this in the future, Thanks for reading my guide and Good luck on using EBay.

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