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YES buy a tripod, and you maybe asking why bother? Well even with the top digital cameras, camera shake can be still be a problem, wuth even speeds of 125th/1 and over Camera shake can happen, from just a twitch to weather conditions like wind and rain, can affect the overall photograph.

Buy a telescope type tripod or a flexi-holder, type, these are so cheap to find, whats so good is that you can adjust all your photograph and have a true photo-frame of you photo, this can really help, also as mentioned camera shake is virtually removed, this will benefit your photography even with SINGle  LENS REFLEX cameras.

So really its something to think about, a tripod in my opinion is a neccesary for a good photo.

Look on ebay for some good TRIPODS, they are not expensive, and really great to use, and will be beneficial to your camera safety also.

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