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When buying any Glasform/John Ditchfield item remember they all should have a black and gold glasform label. The Unique collection are all designed and made by John,they all have a reference number,a label and are all signed by John,each piece is supplied with a certificate of authenticty signed by John. All sterling silver is hallmarked with the Sheffield stamp a rose, and DH the designers mark.Any item with silver will either be signed J.D. John Ditchfield and or Glasform.When buying or selling an item with a silver attachment please check our website to ensure the silver work is the same as ours. Plain apples,pears and mushrooms are unsigned but all have our black and gold label. Prices start from as little as £12 for a keyring right up to £500 for a work of art. To Sellers, before you list an item please check its authenticity.To protect our collectors and our Tradmark we regularly check eBay and if a listing appearing under a Ditchfield/Glasform search  breaches Ebays rules such as using wordspamming eg Ditchfield? like Ditchfield or using hidden links we will contact you and ask you to remove or alter it.If you are not prepared to do so then we will then contact eBay through the VeRo programme and ask them to look at your listing. If you have any questions on authenticity or otherwise please contact the John Ditchfield Glasform Studio ,Singleton, Lancashire.

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