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  1. Clean glass with white spirit to remove surface grease/dirt.
     Allow to dry thoroughly.

  2. Shake container of Dylon Shoe Colour to mix contents.

  3. Using paint brushes, apply colour and decorate glass with design / pattern.
     For a translucent effect only one coat is required, apply two coats for a
     more opaque finish, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

  4. Wash brushes immediately with water.

   Colours may be intermixed and diluted to achieve a wide variety of shades
    and tints.

  · Colour needs to dry for at least 48 hours. Please
    note that the effect is DECORATIVE - not suited to
    everyday purposes. Not for use on items which come
    into contact with food or drink.  Decorated articles
    may be wiped clean with a dry or damp (not wet)
    cloth. Do not immerse in water or rinse under a tap.
    Keep away from direct heat and sunlight.

Tip: Draw a design on to paper and tape inside glass vase to give
       guidelines for painting.

   Shoe colour may also be used to colour / decorate other materials.

   Plaster Of Paris Dilute colour 10:1 with water and brush on evenly. Allow
   first coat to dry before applying further colour / decoration.

   Unglazed Ceramics (i.e. Terracotta Pots). Apply undiluted paint -
   either brushed, sponged or stencilled on to surface. Not for use outdoors.

   Metal Prime metal with iron oxide paint using either a brush or aerosol to
   give a 'key' and prevent metal from rusting. Use undiluted Shoe Colour, if
   applying second coat, allow first to dry thoroughly before application.
   (Decorative use only).

   Enamel Instructions as per glass painting (Decorative use only).

   Papier Mâché Apply undiluted paint. Colour dries with a sheen, rather than
   gloss, and is durable.

   Canvas Dilute paint with 25% water for coverage, use undiluted for detail
   painting after first coat thoroughly dries. Examples baseball boots, caps,
   bags etc.

   Unfinished or dyed wood Good for stencilling or hand painting designs on to
   bare wood, or on to wood coloured with Dylon Cold Water Dye.

   Leather Decorative designs on leather jackets etc. Good results painting
   with fine brushes, intermixing and blending colours. Apply design to areas
   of garment which are not 'flexed' during wear, i.e. front and back yokes of
   jacket. Wipe area to be decorated with meths or white spirit.


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