GLOW in the DARK Paint Time scales, Health & Safety

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We have had a number of people who have asked about the make up of Glow in the Dark Paint. This is a basic guide to help everyone understand what this stuff is all about.

GLOW in the DARK PAINT ( GID, GDP,  etc)   SrA12O4:Eu

Glow in the Dark paint is made from  Strontium Aluminate doped Europium crystals that are suspended in a medium. The medium needs to be clear as with out direct light reaching the crystals they will not glow.
Saying that depending on the size of the crystal depends on its glow ratio.

I have heard people talking about WE HAVE THE BEST paint crystals on the Market they GLOW brighter and longer and is the BEST GRADE. Well that is NOT really the case.

SrA12O4 ( Strontium Aluminates) are being developed continuously to create a better glow, the grade currently is in the SIZE of the crystal. Imagine 2 sizes of BRICK. a small brick and a large brick.
Both of these items GLOW however the smaller brick is  NOT as bright as the BIG brick and does NOT glow as long. This is a simple equation, the smaller brick does NOT hold as much of a charge, nor is it better to see. Therefore not as bright or longer lasting, just like the paints you can have fine crystals within the paint ( standard for this industry WAS 35um (that's small) ), however to get a BETTER sales pitch we produce 75-100um for some paints, making them be like painting with SAND.

OK enough of the techy stuff, because I can really get deep into this. maybe I will later on in this Guide.

GLOW in the DARK paint.

 SrA12O4                       Solid odorless, nonflammable, pale yellow powder, heavier than water. It is chemically and biologically inert.
 SrA12O4:Eu                  When activated with a suitable dopant ( Europium) then it takes on a different structure and becomes a  Phosphorescence emitting its glow.
                                       It now requires UV in the higher spectrum to charge the crystals and make them GLOW.
UV                                  Ultra Violet light is the electromagnetic radiation from Sunlight with a wavelength shorter than white light.

With all the above we can create Glow in the Dark paint.
In summer the paint supercharges on the emitting UV rays from sunlight and makes the paint REALLY POP, however in the winter months when there is limited UV in the suns rays then it is harder to charge the paint.
We use UV Black lights to help charge the paints in the winter months . These are specially designed BLACK LIGHTS you can purchase from B&Q etc. They come in strip tubes or curly bulbs. We have found that both of these are best for Glow in the Dark products and paints. The Tubes are the best because they emit the correct wavelength through what is called woods glass.


Glow in the Dark pigments ARE NOT radioactive, and are basically inert and non toxic. However they are part of the silicate family and unless you have them specially coated they will react with water.
Saying this:
DO NOT ingest ( I would not expect you too, but just in case seek medical advise and drink TONS of water).
DO NOT use it as a skin or body product, this is a CRYSTAL with sharpish edges and somewhat like sand.... Can be VERY ROUGH !!!!! and difficult to remove.
DO NOT purchase to use as a makeup, this is NOT a tested product.
We personally DO NOT SELL in the UK or Europe as a body make up product and would be weary of anyone who does as it would ONLY be home made, using gels purchased locally.
It has NOT been tested on skin, and although it may look good there are effects that you do not want to happen. The pigments react with mucus membranes and can destroy them, it is an irritant on skin and if you get any in your eyes, OW that will hurt.
Unless it has been passed by one of the testing houses ( SGS for example) it will be certified as BS71 part 9 however due to the excessive cost involved and time taken to test this has not currently been do as far as we are aware.
StarMakerFX  Glow in the Dark paint HAVE been tested to BS71-3 & 4 and had Toxicity tests done for safety purposes when painting on Toys and children's rooms. We did this based on our product range.

NO other company selling on Ebay or any other shopping site has done this except for GloMania as far as we are aware, and have documentation to prove it.

What Colours are Available?

When we talk about colours we are also goin to talk about times of Glow longevity etc.
Firstly. Glow in the Dark paint is a strange beast. When we talk COLOUR we automatically assume that the colour will stay GREEN for example.
This is NOT the case, ALL glow in the dark paints  will CHANGE colour to a white off white appearance over a specific time period.
This is because the crystals hold a small charge that is currently being emitted. Let me explain. to do this we have to speak of basic understanding of Glow in the Dark.

As mentioned before about the bricks... Getting back to the brick, it holds 100% of charge, yet it emits 10% every 10 mins, so in other words if  we do NOT charge the BRICK it will stop working ( like a battery ) after 100mins. 10 mins x 10% = 100.
NOW because the brick is being charged by the UV in the SUN or Black light it will stay GLOWING at 100% but if the sun goes down then the suns UV rays become LESS of a charge compared to the emiting GLOW, so at some point the BRICK will loose all of its charge. ( simple math)

SAYING THIS  this is not the actual equation because there is more involved in the aspects of the Glow in the Dark pigment (crystals). At 80% of the charge the crystals CANNOT hold their COLOUR because it uses too much power to do so, so the colour goes and you are left with a whitish glow. this is technically called the after glow...
THIS APPLIES TO ALL COLOURS. yet because these colours are manipulated for all but GREEN and AQUA then the glow times will vary dependent on colour and size of crystals.

The colours shown here are in the order of their GLOW times.  We DO NOT give glow times on our products because we cannot guarantee this , there are 2 many factors involved, some we have already spoken about.
GREEN          : This is the brightest of the colours as it is a natural pigment for   SrA12O4:Eu    
AQUA           :  This is the 2nd brightest of the colours as it is a natural pigment for  SrA12O4:Eu
BLUE             :  Medium to Long glow rage nice vibrant Blue
LILAC           : This is a hard colour to produce, needs UV light to really make it GLOW, a specialty mix of colours and additives.
WHITE          : The next three colours are expensive and somewhat rare, these are REAL SPECIALIST colours used in Cosmic Star Ceiling Design
ORANGE      : Approx 1-3 hour glow times. Great under UV Black light
PINK             : As far as I am aware we are the only company manufacturing this colour.
RED               : This has the shortest of the Glow times, and is used mainly as flash work for UV Art and after glow. NEEDS UV BLACK LIGHT.

I hope this helps you understand about Glow in the Dark Paints a little better.

Please check out our other tutorials coming soon.

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