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There are many types of golf set to suit all golf players. The choice of golf sets from golf manufacturers is huge, many golf set manufacturers produce golf sets for all level of golf player - including junior golf sets, ladies golf sets, mens golf sets, left handed golf sets to name but a few. Most full golf sets comprise of 1/3/5 golf woods 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/pw/sw golf irons a golf putter & golf bag. The choice of style & material used to produce golf sets is vast.


Golf sets now come with oversize heads huge sweetspots & a choice of steel or graphite golf shafts.
Listed below is a small review of golf sets from top golf set manufacturers.


Falcon Golf Manufacturers of quality golf sets


Falcon Golf are professional clubmakers, with over 18 years’ experience of building quality golf sets for players of all abilities. Falcon Golf are releasing this unrivalled knowledge to golfers nationwide through exclusive ranges of golf sets, available online. ‘Today’s Golfer’ magazine described Falcon as "a name to watch" — and labelled the Falcon Tour Series golf sets as "incredible quality and value". Falcon Golf have built on that success, launching the Falcon 450 Tour Series golf set in 2003, with the 2005 range now available. Our continual improvements program and integrated technology delivers unparalleled performance benefits to your game.


Research & Innovation — continual testing of materials to establish optimum performance of your golf set.

Design — good looks, high performance are paramount to Falcon Golf sets.
Performance — whether it’s a record–shattering drive or a precisely accurate putt, Falcon golf sets are engineered to deliver the highest levels of performance.
Quality — 100% QA procedures guarantee optimum materials are used to produce Falcon Golf sets.
Value — turning years of professional golf clubmaking into controlled volume production enables Falcon Golf to offer outstanding value unmatched in the industry.


HIPPO GOLF Manufacturers of quality golf sets


Hippo Golf are quality golf club set manufacturers specializing in the production of the Hippo & Howson range of golf sets for starter & improving golfers. The Hippo Golf Set the OS111 is ideal for the new golfer its stainless steel oversized golf heads are easy to control with a large margin for error. The Hippo OS111 golf set comes complete with a golf bag golf putter & wood head covers. The Hippo golf set the Hippo Hybrid is a new generation golf set, it does away with the difficult to control 3 & 4 golf irons replacing them with the easier to strike Hippo Golf rescue woods. Hippo golf manufacture golf sets for lady golfers men golfer & junior golf sets.


RAM GOLF Manufacturers of quality golf sets


Ram Golf started as Sportsman's Golf operating in a small, two-story facility located in Chicago, Illinois. A staff of 20 began producing golf sets golf woods, golf irons, golf putters and golf wedges, and as the business began to flourish, new products were added to the line including golf bags, golf balls, carts and headcovers. The first big order for golf sets was placed by the Armed Forces. The order was so large, boxes of golf sets had to be stored outside because there wasn't enough space inside. Many innovations in manufacturing technology were introduced during these early years. The first stamping and scoring machine was installed in 1950. In 1954, Sportsman's installed the first moulding machine for grip underlistings.

That same year, it became the first company to use sanding belts on the golf wood production line, replacing the old, abrasive wheels used throughout the industry. As the young company continued to prosper and grow, disaster struck. In 1951 a fire at the facility destroyed part of the building and most of the inventory. Working around the clock, the building was repaired, machinery replaced and the orders were filled with little delay. After the fire, the business grew at a rapid rate.
The Hubbard Street location became too small for golf set production to accommodate the volume of business generated, and Sportsman's purchased a tract of land in Melrose Park, Illinois and built a new 25,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility in 1956 This additional space allowed the company to expand its golf set product lines.

The Bristol and Kroydon names were acquired, for use on golf equipment, and golf clubs were produced under both names along with the Sportman's name.

The building was subsequently expanded in 1958 and again in 1961 to a total of 104,000 square feet to allow increased production of golf sets. Further advances to the manufacturing process and new technology development were made with each expansion. The first automatic boring machine for golf woods was installed in 1958. One of the first tumbler and vibratory systems were developed for the finishing of golf iron heads for golf sets.

The tumblers and vibratory systems eliminated scratches in cast golf heads, eliminated sun glare and gave the golf heads their polished appearance. During 1968 and 1969, Sportsman's was the first company to develop the process of finishing golf wood heads before assembly and the first automatic spray machine to paint wood heads.

Previously, the bore would be run through the bottom of the sole and out through the bottom of the golf head. The golf shaft was then inserted through the bottom of the head and the clubs were finished with the wood head on the shaft.

This was a tedious, time-consuming procedure. Sportsman's developed a new "blind bore" where the bore did not run completely through the golf wood head, stopping just short of the golf head bottom.
This new process enabled the head to be bored and then finished as a golf head only in greater quantities. The golf heads were then attached to shafts, after finishing, thereby increasing production efficiency of full golf sets, volume and profitability. Innovations such as these also improved the quality of the products while keeping the price affordable.

The reputation of the company grew throughout the industry, and among professionals on Tour. Shortly after his U.S. Open victory in 1958, Tommy Bolt became the first Advisory Staff member in the company's history. He was later joined by Bob Rosburg, Jo Anne Prentice, Fred Hawkins, Paul Harney, Dave Hill and Kathy Cornelius.

With the company holding a solid position in the market, Sportsman's shifted its attention to developing exciting new products. In 1965, a new 107,000 square foot manufacturing facility was built in Pontotoc, Mississippi to produce golf sets golf balls and golf bags and to house their research and development programs.


ARNOLD PALMER BAYHILL Manufacturers of quality golf sets


Arnold Palmer Bayhill Golf are quality manufacturers of golf sets, with a long successful history Arnold Palmer Bayhill golf is one of the golf set manufactures top producers.

Golf sets are manufactured by Arnold Palmer Bayhill Golf for all levels of golfer, whatever your handicap Arnold Palmer Bayhill golf can produce a top quality golf set for you.


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