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No matter how good an Ebayer you are it is evitable that at some point or another , things will go worng and you will have to deal with an irate customer

There is usally 3 main reason for complaints
- item (s) not recieved
- itemsnot as decribed / expected / damaged
- buyer disappointed with the postage amount

When handling a complaint from a customer the two most important points are to listen and to sympathise. Apologise for the problem (whether you believe yourself to be at fault or not - YOU have entered into a legally binding contract and it is your responsibilty to ensure your cunstomers are happy) and try to establish exactly what the facts ofthe complaint are. Try to find a solution to the problem and agree together with your customer what you will do to try and sort out thrier problem

The majority of the tiem, these complaints will be voiced through email, sometimes the will seek your contact details through the advanced search option and may telephone. I find that dealing with problems directly via the telephone is often preferable in one sense as problems can be sorted intitially through this one call rather than to-ing and fro-ing through multiple emails , this is why i usually include a card in my packages with all contact details on so my buyers has the option of how to deal with things

The key to good customer care is communication with your customers ( are staff if you have any), i usually follow up all telephone calls received with an email reiterating facts relayed in the telehone call as sometimes facts can become mistrued and incorrect especially if tempers are frayed by a very disappointed buyer


an email should :
-greet customer warmly and by name if possible
-be polite and firedly
-show personal interest
-be helpful
-replied to and dealt with seriously and efficiently

When an item is not recieved:
-advise buyer that a parcel is not usually considered lost by royal mail until after 14 days from posting
-please take into account postal strikes & situations out of our control
-advise of the date posted and of any tracking number - i usually send recoerded and the item is only tracked after it has atually been delivered
- if after 14 days no parcel has arrived refund in full promptly - REMBEMER you will need a happy buyer in order to help you fufil a claim through royal mail

When an item is damaged / not as described
-ask buyer to return item ( if they were to put a claim in through PAYPAL they would need to return item back to seller via trackable means at their own expense)
- a good seller will then refund ALL money
- if item is damaged you can then put a claim in for damagesand claim abck yor money - YOU WILL NEED TO ASK BUYER TO KEEP ALL ORIGINAL PACKAGING INCASE RM NEED THIS TO DETERMINE A CLAIM!
-if not as described and you knew this when you listed PLEASE RECONSIDER YOUR SELLING PRACTICE!

Buyer dispapaointed with postage:
- if you feel you amoiunt is justifyed itemise your costs to buyer
-remind that that postage was stated before they bid, if they did not agree than they shouldntve chosen to bid as they must have intially thought the postage to be a fair amount
- on the few occasions where i have grossly overestimated postage i will return the overpayment on returning ome from the post office!!

deal with complaints efficiently and pleasantly an most importantly LEARN FROM THEM, there may be areas of yor business that you may need to improve - regualry look at your business and the service you are offering and think about where problems may arise, and try to prevent them happening in the first place or agai. When problems do occur trt ot find out the root of the failure and make improvements accordingly!

Every communication with the customer is vitally important - a satisfyed customer will return again and again and recommend your sotre and quality of items and serivce to others. Just one incident which results in a disasatisfyed customer can damage multiply on yor business and reputation when they complain about your store to others!


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