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my poor hubby bid on what he thought was a geforce 8800 ultra for £238.00, seller told him to put cash into his account before 1pm that day s it was a saturday and he wouldn't post the item until the money had transferred from paypal to his bank and it would take a week, it was my account that hubby was using and he's new to all this (i have never paid with cash) but hubby was desperate for this card he was just giving up smoking and wanted to have something to keep him occupied. so like a fool i paid cash at his request.


the seller then mailed back later saying he missed special next day and it would reach us by tuesday, he didn't give a tracking number, but said he'll give it later, as the days went by he sent strange messages telling me how i would use a tracking number and how to leave feedback. as i'm not a noob i found this strange, i kept asking for tracking no etc and he replied like he was thick all the time, saying irrelevant stuff, i don't think he even knew what he had sold to me!!!!!

when i requested his details through ebay, the details it gave me were false the name and location didn't match, and the phone number was unrecognized, i emailed ebay about this and it got me nowhere, they told me to contact the seller, i had sent ebay to 20 or so emails between us and still ebay fobbed me of and i couldn't open a dispute until 10 days had passed, by this time  seller had privatized feedback and had now got 3 negative, so i gather he'd second chanced the item to 2 other people.

once again i email ebay with this, still my reply was as if they never read what i sent. i have now phoned sellers bank, only to find they have frozen his account for other fraud,

my money is still there but they can't give it back yet as it's his account and against customer rights (YEAH PATHETIC) i have given the bank my reciept and print off of all the emails he sent me. I HAVE A- fraud case number with them AND A crime number with the police, i found out from his local police (manchester) he's been doing this since 1995.


i will not give up as i can't stand being scammed, and as my partner was trying to stop smoking at the time he was outraged and we almost separated, he is still smoking cause the stress was too much, waiting on phone lines an hour a time being shipped from pillar to post. be careful, and don't be impatient, even google strange usernames, they could give away a persons personality like ROLLING DEEP 2008 my case continues xx


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