GREED - not a deadly sin, just EAGLELADFOOTBALL postage

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Excessive postage... eBay has a policy regarding it, but as with most of their policies, they can't be bothered to enforce them because there isn't any money in it for them.

I have read some guides on excessive postage costs and one even tries to justify them by trying to factor in the cost of petrol as they live 7 miles away from a post office, so 14 miles of petrol has to be taken in to consideration... are you serious?

What next...? Contribution to the cost of natural wear and tear on the vehicle? Assistance with the road tax and car insurance? How about wear and tear on your shoes? If you have an accident on the way, should that be included in the cost of postage? What about the impact on the environment? How much does it cost to plant a tree? What about the CO2 emissions and my carbon footprint? The melting polar ice caps; how much do they cost?

These people have got the brains of a rocking horse! This is just stupid and there is no excuse for what is clearly greed.

If you are dishonest about the true cost of postage, then what else are you going to lie and cheat about?

eBay, when are you going to introduce that category for liars and cheats?

How about introducing a special star on the feedback for originality of the excuse for trying to justify what is nothing more than pure unadulterated greed?

For example, in a recent transaction with "eagleladfootball" - she listed 9 spare cones for a wool winder and quoted postage as £6 for 2nd class - the actual postage was only £1.52, so a reasonable postage cost would have been £2. The cheapskate didn't even make any effort on the packaging... oh, sorry; that piece of old cardboard and a couple of bits of parcel tape must have cost her a small fortune - please, allow me to fund your greed addiction... no! Try being honest instead and just admit that you are simply greedy, but that is not possible, because that would also require you to be honest.

A refund was refused point blank, but her justification for charging such high postage was... are you ready for this...? She had seen a another listing for a couple of similar cones with £2 postage, so she simply multiplied the postage costs to reflect the quantity she listed!!

She then went on and said that it was my fault for bidding on her listing! So sorry, I really must apologise for your dishonesty and blatant stupidity.

Remember that analogy for future reference (just in case your house should be burgled or your car stolen) - it is not the thief's fault for wanting to steal your possessions, no! It's your fault for owning them in the first place. If there is any justice in this world, then pray that this woman does not end up on a jury on a rape case, because it is no doubt going to be the victim's fault for being female!

eBay's response was not much better... firstly, I should have asked the seller if the postage was a true reflection of cost, or was I going to get ripped off! Yes, right; you can just imagine what sort of response that would have got, can't you! They then suggested going to the police or suing her in court... for £4 - hello, reality check!

eBay and eagleladfootball must have both fallen out of the same 'Stupid' tree and hit every branch on the way down... is anybody listing common sense at the moment(?), because they both need it urgently.

To err is human, but greed is just greed and knowingly listing excessive postage makes you nothing but a thief, and for eBay to take no action in such matters makes them guilty by association.

eBay needs to clean up its act and to start removing unscrupulous and dishonest members as soon as they are brought to their attention.

Does anyone else have a pathetic excuse from a dishonest seller trying to explain why they are greedy without actually admitting to it? It would be interesting to hear other feeble excuses, as they would be funny if it were not so serious.


If you see a listing from "eagleladfootball" - do not bid unless you have confirmed with her that she is not being dishonest with the postal charges

My only mistake was trusting her and believing that she was honest and not stupid in applying some bizarre logic to calculate excessive postage costs.

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