GTA Liberty City Stories PSP Which has ver 2.0 firmware

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Which is the UNPATCHED version of Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories for the PSP in Europe?

In UK/Europe there exists two versions of Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories for the PSP.
Original release from November 2005 [UNPATCHED]
Current release from sometime Q2 2006 [PATCHED]

The Original release allows for unsigned code to be launched on PSP's with Firmware 2.81 to 3.03 - in effect a downgrader.

The only way to tell the releases apart is from a UMD Disc and its contents. The case inlay did not change.


Case Inlay: This is the exact same between the Original and the Current release.
- Both releases use the catalog number ULES-00151 on the spine.
- The copyright statement on the back; both releases state copyright 2005.
- The screenshots are the same.

UMD DISC: The label on the disc is the exact same, using white text in a circle style on a black background.
- The serial number on the label is different:
Original (unpatched) release serial: ULES-00151 or ULES-00151#
Current (patched) release serial: ULES-00151#2

UMD DISC Contents: You can also tell the difference between releases from the PSP Update version included on the disc, which displays under the Game column of the SONY PSP cross menu bar (XMB) GUI.
Original (unpatched) release: PSP Update ver 2.00
Current (patched) release: PSP Update ver 2.60

Ask your seller the details of the UMD Disc for this game so you are aware of the version you are buying.

This guide relates to the PAL (UK/European) release with region 2 world logo on the back cover of the case inlay.
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