GU10 cheap LED Bulb comparison

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I was interested in the quality of cheap GU10 LED bulbs available from China, but it is hard to find reviews, so I have been testing several of the cheaper options available. So far, I have tested 3 different bulbs. To save money I bought my bulbs from China. Shipping time was usually around 8 business days, so not bad. I tried both SMD and Superbright LED versions. I found the colour, brightness and overall quality to be much better in the superbright (low bulb number, usually 3 or 4 bulbs) vs the SMDs (which also use less bulbs than traditional style LEDs.) 
My first was a 5 watt 20 SMD Pure White GU10 from seller: ouyou2010 . I paid $5.49 inc postage. I found these to be the worst of the three. The "pure white" is quite harsh and artificial. My guess as to halogen equivalent output is about 15 watts. I found the light dispersion to be acceptable. Maybe 30 degrees
My second was the same specification but from seller: Delhanway2009. I found this to have a slightly less harsh light, but otherwise the same properties, i.e. about 15 watt equivalent and 30 degree dispersion, also after 4 months the lowest price had come down to US $3.75 inc postage, which makes these a very affordable option.
The third and best was a 6 watt 4 bulb warm white super bright LED GU10 from xindongcai2008 . I paid $4.99 inc postage. I found the tint to be a bit pink, but it is a much less harsh light and the 6 watt bulb, is probably close to 25 watt equivalent. The light dispersion is less than a halogen, but still around 30 degrees. The one disadvantage of this bulb is that it is probably just under 1cm longer than conventional halogen and SMD bulbs tested above. It fit into my fixtures, but if you barely have room for halogens, these may not work for you.
I find the best value bulbs are usually listed in USD. You may have to select Item location: Worldwide to find the best selection. I then organise by price + postage (lowest first). At the time of writing, using paypal to purchase in USD tends to add about £0.10 to eBay's conversion of the item price, assuming a price of $5.
One compromise option in smaller spaces or rooms with several fixtures is to use one Halogen and have the rest of your bulbs LED. This makes the harshness of the LEDs less noticeable and increases the overall brightness to expected levels. 
I would certainly spend the extra money on a 6 watt super bright warm white option. Don't go for the cool white/ pure white options unless you want a clinical blue light.
After approximately 1 year of use, one of my SMD bulbs have failed. I also had a standard led (approximately 20 led cluster) that I have not reviewed here, that failed after 6 months use. They both made a popping sparking noise when they died and I believe it is the transformer that brings the voltage down from 240v AC. Fortunately no smoke or fire, but it reinforces my view that the super bright bulbs are a better choice. Also 6 watt super bright bulbs have come down in price to £3, approximately the price I paid for the 5W SMD a year ago. 4 Watt Super bright bulbs are available for $2.95 (£1.88 at time of writing) which I feel is a great price point.

October 2013 Update:

It has now been two years since I bought my original GU10 LEDs. In total since I first purchased, I have had 12 GU10 LEDs. Out of those 12 there are 3 working. This clearly doesn't bode well for their longevity. I also believe only one of the three was from the original order 2 years ago (an SMD bulb) and the other two superbrights are probably closer to one year old. I doubt I average more than 4 hours use a day. Considering the 75% failure rate I can't recommend cheap eBay GU10 LED bulbs from China, unless you need them for a short term application.

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