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Doing your own window tint is a great way to save money. Pre cut window tint is the best way to go with tint supplied in the correct sizes/shapes for your vehicle. If you have an unusual vehicle then you can buy tint on the roll which you can cut yourself as we did on the ram van shown below. It takes a little longer but superb results are possible with time and patience. It can save you hundreds of pounds.

I have listed some easy to follow instructions below.

  • Make sure your windows are clean and completely free from dirt/grease.
  • Fill a squirty bottle with water and a touch of washing up liquid.
  • Make sure you completely cover the window in the water/soap.
  • Peel the backing film off the window tint.
  • Spray the window tint with the water/soap well before placing on the window. This ensures that once applied you will be able to move the tint easily around the window without it sticking.
  • Apply the tint to the window and move it into the correct position.
  • Spray the back of the window tint wit the water/soap.
  • Using a credit card (or something similar) remove the excess air and water from under the tint by smoothing the tint down with the credit card. Do this until all water and air bubbles are gone. Start in the center and work your way to the edges. Then take a lint free cloth and dry around the edges of the tint and then smooth out the tint with the cloth.
  • Then leave the tint to dry.
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