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having been conned into buying a fake ellipse bag i have done some extensive research on the internet and discovered the following:

louis vuitton bags never come with the little plastic tag with lv printed on it hanging by a piece of string with a cream coloured label with what looks like a serial number on it.

the number inside should not be 51127 (this is the model number not the date code)

the date code number varies and should be located under the d-ring tab

ther should be two whole lv's on the base of the bag never cut ones

the padlock should have a number stamped into it with a corresponding number on the keys

the yellow stitching on the diamond shape should be single stitches(not doubled)and there should be five stitches on each side

louis vuitton never use white tissue paper on any bags

and my last point is that the ellipse bag has never had a suede lining always a dark brown canvas

hope this guides you in the right direction, i'm tired of fakes been sold


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