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As a buyer and seller for over 8 years I have learned the following about successfully selling dolls & related items on ebay & hope this guide helps anyone just starting out in this category. 

First of all, take GOOD clear photos!  If you are selling a clothed doll also take pictures of the doll unclothed.  A close up of the face is good to include & always take photos showing any flaws/damage there might be and mention these clearly in the listing as well.  People who buy dolls DO NOT like to receive dirty dolls!  Vinyl dolls can be wiped over with a bacterial wipe.  Vintage hard plastic dolls should NOT be wiped over!  Cleaning them should be left to experts.  If the doll is dirty and will require cleaning, you should mention this. If any loose heads, arms or legs are noted this should also be pointed out.  likewise if a doll with rooted hair has holes in the head without any hair in (missing plugs).

It helps to carry out some research to include in your listing, e.g. date of manufacture, and to find out generally what price your particular doll is selling for.

I have found it helps to sell dolls if they are sold with some clothes, rather than nude.  Always mention in your listing if the dolls are played with or mint. In the case of vintage dolls they are most likely to have been played with, unless you are selling the doll mint in the box.  When you describe your doll as 'played with'  this should not mean damaged!  If it is damaged you must clearly point this out in your listing! 

Like most sellers I am not a doll expert just a collector.  It helps to mention this!  Many buyers think sellers know all there is to know about what they are selling, which is rarely true, but, with a little research, you can provide some essential and useful information in your listing to help buyers decide whether to buy or not.


And finally,  offer a good returns policy and package well.  Happy buyers always come back!

Hope this helps.



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