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Gumtree / Ebay scam

A vehicle is advertised on Gumtree, an unusually good asking price for a quick sale.  Delivery at sellers expense via Shiply.  Once you express interest the seller '' explains she will draw up a private ebay listing.  She stresses how safe the transaction must be to protect both parties.  She explains 'Ebay buyer payment protection'.  Ebay will hold on to the funds until the buyer has confirmed they have received and are happy with the vehicle.  She will raise an invoice for a private Ebay listing.  This fake Ebay invoice is pretty convincing and links up to the offical Ebay website.  You 'buy it now'.  With the bank details provided, you do a bank transfer (to a real Barclays account) and email the fake ebay email address '' a copy of the receipt proving the transfer has cleared.  Then they proceed with delivery.  They inform you of a delivery date and time.  By which time your money is long gone. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be wary of these people praying on others better natures.  They do not care about the consequences of what they do.  They take you for everything you've got and leave you with nothing.  Absolute SCUM.  Karma will come around and see they get their comeuppance.  The Police see this as petit crime and will not use their resources to combat it.  Unfortunately hundreds of petit crimes by the same outfit amounts to serious money.  A shame the Police do not see it that way.

The email addresses included above, are no doubt a couple of many made-up addresses they use.

Here's another example of their work (for the moment both links are both live but prob not for long):

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