Gameboy Colour

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Gameboy colours were the first modernisation of the classic gameboy.

A little lighter and a little more colourful than it's big brother - it's definitely the improved version of the classic gameboy.

There are a few downsides however. It can, like the original be a little hard to see what is going on sometimes and is best played using a light boy. It doesn't have the vibrant colour screen we've come to expect these days.

However, if like me you grew up with Famicon (Nes), Super Nes and Gameboy - it's great fun to be able to play classic games with the old AB buttons. No extra button, no distracting vibrations - just good ol' basic gaming.

Also, unlike some newer models, it fits easily in your hand and doesn't give you crampy hands when you play. (*cough* *gameboy advanced *cough*) As a grown up I definitely prefer this version above others.

So in conclusion - not too flashy but has plenty of retro charm. I'll be sticking with this!



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