Gamecube Console

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I got my Gamecube from my hubby as a Christmas present, and have to honestly say its the best console I have used so far.  I have had (or have used) Sega Mega Drives, Playstations, X-box.

Ok so you cant play your CD's, run movies or go online with this console, Nintendo have brought this out solely just to play games. The controller is a lot more easy (and comfortable) to use, even my 3yr old can get the gist of using it.  Theres no skipping of the games, no long waiting times (apart from when you play resident evil and you go through the "walking up the stairs, walking through the door" movie clip)
The graphics on the games are brilliant, depending on what you are playing some are fantastic. And beat some of the other consoles out there, like Playstations.

Some would argue that the Gamecube is a "children's console", well I beg to differ. Yes there are a lot of children's games out there, but theres also a lot of adult games too. (you could say its a console for the family) I'm not exactly a teenager myself, and I have quite a number of what you might call horror games on my shelf.

If your after a console, then I would highly recommend this one. Brilliant games are out there..and more to come. Theres also the better graphics, more reliable console, better controller. The price for this doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

And if your looking for the first few games when you buy this console,  I would recommend the Resident Evil games, Animal Crossing, The Sims 2, Bloodrayne and Eternal Darkness
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