GarageSale: best listing tool for Mac OS X / Macintosh

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If you're a Mac user, you'll probably know by now that Turbo Lister, eBay's bulk listing tool, is not for you. How frustrating is that? And if you think eBay is hard at work creating a Mac version of Turbo Lister, you're more likely to win the Lottery before that happens.

Here's what eBay says about Mac users on its Tools Finder page:

  • "The vast majority of eBay users are PC users and so eBay tools and off eBay tools tend to reflect that. At present that means that Mac users will not be able to download Turbo Lister as it is not compatible with Mac systems. We therefore recommend that you consider our suite of online tools, Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro."

  • Well, that's clear enough. But, here's the thing: Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro are not alternatives to Turbo Lister. It's like comparing apples with pears, but understandable because it's in eBay's commercial interests to offer its own products to the Mac community. What eBay doesn't offer is an independent third-party product that works like Turbo Lister. There is one that works beautifully in Mac OS X, and it's called GarageSale.

    Straight off, let me say I don't have any business interests with the creators of GarageSale. I'm recommending it to Mac users because I'm a long-time Mac user who eventually chanced on the product, tried the free demo, liked it (loved it!), bought the licence, and now use it for all my online and offline eBay listings – whether it's 1 or 100+ items at a time.

    GarageSale is fully compatible with, works in GBP (£), is fully integrated with iPhoto, has a scheduler, an abundance of design templates, an HTML editor . . . and much, much more. The developers, based in Germany, are active in releasing free updates, and in responding to users' queries posted on the GarageSale forum. It's an evolving product, and the developers keep it up-to-date with the ever-changing developments at eBay. Once you've used it, you'll never go back to using the oh-so-slow-and-tedious eBay listing pages.

    Here's the sales pitch for GarageSale from the developer's website:

  • "Are you sick and tired of creating auctions using eBay's slow web site? Have you been waiting patiently for a quality, affordable listing utility for the Mac OS for years? Here comes your deliverance: Ladies and Gentlemen, we're pleased to announce the arrival of GarageSale. (Your auction experience is about to change for the better...)

  • "GarageSale is a slick, full-featured client application for the eBay online auction system. With GarageSale Mac OS X users can finally compose eye-catching auctions quickly using an intuitive Mac-like interface. (And in the fraction of the time it would take to do it on eBay's web interface.) Not only this, but GarageSale also integrates perfectly with iPhoto, offers WYSIWYG text editing and comes with over 50 free design templates.

  • "GarageSale is now Intel-ready! You can now run GarageSale natively on your new Intel-Mac, tapping into the power and speed of the Intel Duo Core processor."


    Links are not allowed outside of eBay, so you will need to copy and paste these, remembering to insert www. at the front:

    The developers' website, where you can download GarageSale (demo and full versions), and take a product tour:


    The online GarageSale manual:



    You can buy the GarageSale licence:

  • At the developers' website (US $29.99 / approximately £15.50) – see link above.
  • Through the developers' Buy-It-Now listing on eBay ( US $43.39 / approximately £22.16) – run a search for "GarageSale".

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