Garden Parasol Base Buying Guide

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Garden Parasol Base Buying Guide

Everyone enjoys spending warm spring and summer days in their garden, enjoying a refreshing drink and good company. A garden parasol provides the necessary shade and protection from UV radiation. One of the often overlooked but still very necessary accessories is the garden parasol base. A parasol base ensures that the parasol does not become a flying object should the wind picks up, but it can also be a decorative item that complements a set of garden furniture. There are parasol bases in all shapes, colours, and materials and they can be purchased both from brick and mortar shops and online.

eBay can boast a variety of garden parasol bases, and the site offers the shopper an easy and relaxed shopping experience. To make an informed purchasing decision, the shopper needs to know about the different types of parasol bases and the advantages and limitations of each, as well as how to select the right parasol base for their garden umbrella.

Different Types of Parasol Bases

There are many different types of parasol base. Probably the most common type, especially for smaller sized parasols, are parasol bases that support the parasol purely by means of their weight. This type consists of a base and a hollow pole, called a pole sleeve, to accommodate the parasol pole. Some of those parasol bases are solid and some are hollow and need to be filled with water or sand to gain the weight required to support the parasol. The big advantage of these hollow bases, usually made out of some kind of plastic or resin, is that they can be emptied and transported easily. Solid parasol bases, on the other hand, have handles, allowing them to be carried around. The larger, heavier models often come equipped with wheels or rollers to enable easy transportation.

Larger parasols require heavier bases but an alternative is mounts that allow the parasol to be mounted on the floor or to a wall using bolts. These bases are usually made of stainless steel or other durable metals. A parasol can also be mounted on a lawn spike, which is a hollow tube that can be driven into the ground or lawn, much like how beach parasols are driven into the sand.

Parasol Base Materials

Parasol bases come in a variety of materials. The pole sleeve is almost always metal, and in high-end models, the metal is usually stainless steel or aluminium. Cheaper models often come with pole sleeves made of some kind of plastic.

Concrete and Stone Bases

Solid parasol bases can be made of a host of different materials. Many bases are made using concrete. These are usually quite cheap and durable. Concrete parasol bases can be painted or coated with some kind of paint or plastic coating to prevent chipping and corrosion of the concrete. An added advantage is that they can be painted in every imaginable colour to suit the parasol, and garden furniture.

Stone parasol bases are also available in many colours and sizes. Higher-end parasol bases are made of marble or granite. These are exceptionally durable and very elegant looking. Stone, marble, and granite parasol bases are usually polished up to a high shine.

Metal Bases

Many different kinds of metal are used in parasol bases. Cast iron probably gives the most traditional look. It can be fashioned into many different shapes and can incorporate many designs. One disadvantage is that cast iron will eventually rust. Sometimes a powder-coated finish is applied to increase durability and give the base the desired colour.

Stainless steel is the material of choice for wall-mounted and floor-mounted parasol bases. It is durable and it can be painted in any colour. The strength and durability of this material makes it the best material for larger, heavy duty bases used to support parasols with big canopies. Stainless steel bases also come in the stand-alone varieties. In this case, they are heavier to stabilise the parasol.

Wooden Bases

Wood, and in particular tropical hardwood is also sometimes used for parasol bases. Obviously, a wooden base is the perfect fit for a wooden parasol. The problem is that wooden bases are not heavy enough to support large parasols, so they are mostly limited to supporting smaller parasols. Another drawback is that wooden parasol bases require regular maintenance.

Synthetic Bases

Fiberglass and plastics are also used to make parasol bases. These bases are usually hollow and need to be filled with sand or water before use. Their big advantage is that they are easy and convenient to move and store, as they can be emptied and refilled. Fiberglass is strong and durable and usually quite expensive. Moulded resin and plastic parasol bases on the other hand are probably the most inexpensive and affordable alternative.

Choosing the Right Parasol Base

When someone is choosing a garden parasol base, it is very important to consider what the right parasol base is for his parasol. The first question to be addressed is whether the parasol will be mounted through a garden table or stand alone on a base. A garden table of course offers extra stability and thus, the base can be lighter. If the parasol is to be mounted through a table, it is important to consider the issue of space. A bulky parasol base may get in the way of people with long legs, especially if they are seated at a small table. If the buyer wants to support a large, standalone parasol on a parasol base, it may be advisable to opt for an extended base pole sleeve to increase stability.

Here is a table correlating parasol size and base size. The parasol size corresponds to its diameter.

Parasol Size (m)

Umbrella Placement

Base Size (kg)

1.5 - 2.5

Through Table

12 - 20

1.5 - 2.5

Free Standing

15 - 30

2.5 - 3.5

Through Table

20 - 40

2.5 - 3.5

Free Standing

30 - 60

It is tempting to choose a heavier parasol base, just to be on the safe side, but if someone wants to keep his parasol mobile and move it around the garden, he will certainly appreciate a lightweight base.

Parasol Bases With Something Extra

Parasol bases can also be decorative as well as functional and they come in all sorts of designs. Metal bases are the most versatile as far as design is concerned and they can incorporate all kinds of geometrical, floral, and other motifs. Stone bases also come in different designs but they are less extravagant and more elegant.

Some parasol bases offer some innovative features. There is a parasol base for example that incorporates a bowl into its design. The bowl can be used in many different ways, as a pot with soil and flowers, as a container with a purely decorative purpose, or it can be filled with ice to keep the champagne cooled for a special evening. There is another parasol base which is shaped like an open cube. It offers convenient storage space and when it’s not used as a parasol base it can be used as a seat.

How to Find Garden Parasol Bases on eBay

To find a garden parasol base on eBay, just go to the eBay homepage and type "garden parasol base" into the search bar. You will find this search bar on every page on the website. On the results page you can refine your search further by sorting the listings by material, brand, colour, and price range. Of course, if you already know what you are looking for, you can also start off with a more specific search query, like "black cast iron parasol base".

Once you have found a parasol base you like, you can see more photographs and a brief description of the item by clicking on the title of the listing. Here is where you can also read about the payment and postage details and any conditions related to the sale. If you have any questions, it is advisable to contact the seller directly. This way you can prevent any unwelcome surprises. To send an email to the seller, just go to their profile page and click on the contact link. When all your questions have been answered, you can choose one of the secure payment methods eBay offers to complete the transaction, and your garden parasol base will be delivered to your house shortly.


A garden parasol base is an essential piece of garden furniture. Whether it is a standalone base or one that is fixed to the floor or wall, it must be durable or heavy enough to support the parasol. Parasol bases made of concrete, marble, granite, and stone offer a sleek, durable and low-maintenance option. Metal bases of cast iron come in a whole host of different designs and offer a classic, traditional solution. There are also wall-mounted or floor-mounted stainless steel parasol bases, as well as stainless steel standalone parasol bases.

A parasol base must be heavy enough to support the parasol, even in windy conditions. The larger the parasol, the heavier the base must be. If a base is used in combination with a garden table, one can suffice with a smaller and lighter base. Parasol base come in all kinds of designs and can fit any garden. They can also incorporate a number of innovations. eBay offers a convenient and secure platform for purchasing the best parasol base for your garden parasol.

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