General Buying tips

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If you're going to buy a high-price item like an Xbox, Playstation, Ipods, Ipads, Laptops, Tablets etc...
  1. Look at prices in places like Amazon, Play etc.
  2. Make sure the seller is trustworthy by THUROUGHLY reading thru the feedback, is it less than 15 and the FB from 'others' is less than 5 and 'no longer a registered user' If so, beware. No. DO NOT BID/BUY
  3. How new is the sellers ebay ID. If it's a recently made ID. be cautious. See point 2.
  4. If it's too good to be true, IT IS
  5. Read thru the relevant guides on ebay for the product you wish to buy. Read a few for additional info, it certainly cant hurt.
  6. Never send money outside ebays email system, you wont be protected, if the seller asks to be paid via Western Union/Money Transfer. DON'T
  7. If the feedback score is less than 96% and they have a high neg count in any given month, exercise caution,
  8. Be cautious when buying, most sellers are honest, but keep on your toes and don't become complacent.
This is just a small list, but I may add to it in future. Hope this been of some help to you
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