General Internet Explorer 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

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I’m one of those users who prefers using my keyboard rather than my mouse to launch various programs and perform different actions. Not only do I find it faster, but I also find it easier. Each program you install will have a set of keyboard shortcuts. For example, all of the Microsoft Office application supports numerous keyboard shortcuts that you can use to perform different actions. For example, I prefer for use the CTRL + F keyboard shortcut to open the Find window in Word, instead of using my mouse to click the required menu option.

If you are a frequent Web browser, you might want to learn some of the general keyboard shortcuts used in Internet Explorer 7. Some of these shortcuts are listed below.

  • ALT+HOME - Return to the home page
  • ALT+LEFT - Go backward
  • ALT+RIGHT - Go forward
  • F5 - Refresh the page
  • ESC - Stop downloading the page
  • CTRL+F - Find a word or phrase on a page
  • CTRL+N - Open the current Webpage in a new window
  • CTRL+P - Print the current page
  • CTRL+A - Select all items on the page
  • CTRL+I - Open favorites
  • CTRL+D - Add the current page to favorites

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