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1400mAh Power Bank for iPhone 6 6plus 5S 5 4S

Proporta's mini Gizmo TurboCharger is finally here and it's ready to slip straight into your pocket. Our exclusive Gizmo emergency charger is super-slim, powerful and extremely handy for when you're out and about, in need of an urgent power surge for your smartphone, MP3 player or any other gadget.

At just 5.8mm in width, the Gizmo TurboCharger emergency power bank packs a surprising punch and has a helpful LED light display, designed to show you the remaining charge and top-up requirements. This wallet-sized TurboCharger will hold power for months on end, meaning you can charge it and leave it in your wallet or bag and have a huge 1400 mAh reserve waiting for you. Gizmo tops up: Apple iPhone 5S by 63%, iPhone 6 by 55%, iPhone 6 Plus by 34% and Samsung Galaxy S5 by 35%

N.B. Please note that this is a male micro USB to full USB cable, so you'll need an appropriate Lightning adapter if you want to use this with your iPhone or other Apple device.

Slimline mobile emergency charger with 1400 mAh capacity
Includes: male micro to male full USB cable for charging & micro USB cable output
Input 5V/700mA
Output 5V/700mA
Dimensions: 92 x 58 x 5.8mm
One year exchange warranty
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12000mAh Power Bank

If you find yourself in the wilds of Borneo on an SAS-style secret mission, the USB TurboCharger 12000 is the last word in off-the-grid external batteries.

With enough juice to charge your devices over and over again, this emergency charger has a whopping 12000mAh capacity, and you can charge up to two devices at the same time.

The LED display shows the level of charge and the Micro USB cable that is included means that this handy external battery is compatible with a wide variety of devices. 

So, whatever adventure you have in mind or find yourself on, you can rest assured that you can keep your devices powered up on the go.

Approximate charges: iPhone 5S 7.5 times, iPhone 6 6.5 times, iPhone 6 Plus 4 times and Galaxy S5 4.5 times.

Compatible with all USB-powered smartphones, wearables and GPS systems, including the NEW Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge and the Garmin Approach S6.

NB: Please note that charging your Smartphone in the higher voltage USB socket will not harm your device infact, for all Apple devices please use the higher charge port.

Includes Apple Lightning and Micro USB cable
Fully charging the TurboCharger 12000 from flat will take 6 to 7 hours.
Capacity : 12000 mAh
Input: 5V 1A
Output: 5V 2.1A & 1A (2.1A max)
Weights:Net 250g, Gross 390g
Emergency battery charger with mammoth 12000mAh storage – enough to recharge your devices multiple times
Dimensions: 154 x 74 x 15mm
One Year Exchange Warranty
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