George Best £5 -free application form, get ur £5 for £5

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The application form to buy up to 10 George Best £5 is available FREE at "georgebestfive" website print off the form, enclose payment and post to Ulster Bank, get your £5 for £5!!  Notes available from 27th November.

As other guides have stated the only people guaranteed to get a £5 note are Ulster Bank staff who are each getting one free £5 each.  Everyone else has to apply using the form above, or go into a branch of Ulster Bank on 27th November to buy one over the counter, if there are any left!  Each application is restricted to a maximum of 10 notes, people won't know until then is they are successful in buying the notes as they are being sold on a first come first served basis.  Check out Ulster Bank and BBC websites for more details.

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