German Flags and cloth insignia/badges/patches

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Everyone on ebay has the right to feel safe and confident in any transaction...but we all know that now a days there are many fake German items entering a now very competitve market.

Flags of the Third Reich period can often confirm their own authenticity, buy their appearence, the maker mark, and the construction of the item....These items to can be further confirmed by the UV and Burn test. The burn test simply means taking a single strand of material from the item, and setting it alight. if it wriggles and melts, then it is a modern Repro, if it leaves an ash trail, much like a burnt down cigarette would, then the material is definatly period. By that I mean pre 1945..Always buy from a seller that offers a refund if your not happy with the item, and if the item is coming from abroad, make it quite clear that you expect the 7 days trial period to start the DAY you receive the item, not the day it is sent. most US posted items take an average of 4 days to arrive, sometimes less, others longer...always request registered postal services..its much harder to work out a questionable pruchase with someone so far away, if sent by standard airmail...never send cash, even in a registered package...It is not safe what ever you may of heard..If you your self want to accept cash by registered post, thats fine, but ALWAYS make sure the sender knows that you accept NO responsibility if that cash is lost.

..Do NOT accept money orders from the US and other countries, because more often than not, your bank here in the UK will not cash them, or if they do the exchange fee is very expensive....if the person insists this is their only means of paying, make sure you contact your bank, and find out how much it will cost to exchange the money order, and tell the person they will have to add that to the total.

Western union is flawed with problems. Western union Cheques sent from outside the UK to us are totally useless. Even Western Union them selves will not cash the cheques...and the banks will not touch them....If you send money to someone via western union for goods you have honestly bought from them, even though the person the other end may have signed for the cash, you will have NO come back on western union if the goods are not sent.....this method of paying or receiving money is the worst  you could consider using...My personal experience of Western Union is that they are unhelpful, and worst still, their outlets here in the UK seem to be totally untrained in the workings of the company. All taken into account, and you have a very high risk method of paying or receiving goods.......

Paying by credit card...DO NOT give anyone your CC details, unless you know the person you are giving them to...It only takes a few minutes to open a paypal account, and you can pay via your CC on paypal, without having to divulge very sensitive CC information to anyone, and paypal keeps your information confidential at all times....once that person has your details, you don't know if they have destroyed them after the transaction. You don't know if they have sold them onto another person, and once those vital peices of information are given out, that person could drain your Credit account in minutes..better to be safe than sorry... and there are alot of crooks out there, who will lose no sleep over bleeding you dry, they won't need a horlicks to get to sleep that night...Don't let a theif get away with your money, keep your details private at all time....Ebay and paypal will NEVER ask for your personal details, nor will they ask for your passwords. So if you receive an email that does, don't answer it, and report it to ebay immediatly, on

A little tip about spoof emails...check out your messages section in "My Ebay" if a genuine email from Paypal or ebay has been sent to you, a copy will exsist in there.....If you look at the professional manner in which ebay present their emails, and put this next to a spoof....sometimes the spelling grammmer, and content are funnier than episodes of "Little Britain", and thats another way to weed them out...Beware though I recently had to reset all my passwords, because I received an email about an Item dispute...I went into the required page, and signed into ebay, but it was actually not ebay, it was a spoof, and i very nearly fell for it....for a short period of time, that theif had all my ebay account details.....I changed all the settings, and passwords as soon as I realised what I had done.  see how easy it is, and how clever these fraudsters are getting..On your guard all the time.....

I have recnetly experienced a very dissapointing encounter with an American seller, who currently sports a power seller status. This means he is in theory to be trusted, but not so.

I will not deny to any one that I have reported him to ebay, but ebay in their infinate wisdom seem to be ignoring the information. This guy is still selling, repro items, as originals, which is fraud, and theft to say the least. I personally bought 2 items from him, both after professional testing proved to be totally fake, but yet I was told by the seller that they were original!!!

Now please dont take it into your heads that all Americans are the same, they are not...99.9% are above board and honest...but this guy is the exception, openly trying to sell flags, cloth badges and medals, all of which are fakes....I really dont know what planet he is on, nor will i name him, but I will be very happy to help if you contact me on my ebay ID Militariapathfinder617....if you go into the US ebay site, click on WWII, then onto Germany sub cat, then enter the word will see a small list of sellers..make your own minds up!!

If you sell anything with the swastika or the SS markings you are breaching ebays rules, even if you do not list a picture with the item. This guy never puts a true picture with his items, and the pictures you get when you email him, are never the items you will receive...The answer is to be careful, and vigilant. These kind of people lurk round every corner, with experience you will be able to weed them out pretty quickly, but for the beginner caution is the key, ask as many questions as you can. If someone is genuine, they will have no objection to answering any and as many questions you may have... If your even the slightest unsure, DO NOT BUY...instinct often plays a marked role in decision making....

I do not want to be the one to stop people buying or selling on ebay, the more that join in the merrier...but always take great care, there are sadley too many out there willing to take your hard earnt money, with out sending anything in return...If you are a beginner, you may consider only buying from established sellers, say over 100 feedback..always check the name of the person selling by going into (on the ebay site Map) Find A Member. You can see all ebay Id's they have used, and some one who regularly changes their name may well be the kind of person you need to stay away from...not always the case, but food for thought

For now though, enjoy ebay, its a brilliant site, and the staff are very helpful. i can be contacted via my ebay account if you want any further information


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