German army sleeping bag

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This guide is intended to help you decide if you really need one of these bags.


Plus points

water resistant outer cover ideal for bivi type camping

sleeves for ability to use other camping equipment while still inside the bag

horizontal zip halfway down the bag allows you to slip the legs out and effectively use the sleeping bag as a Parka in bad weather

front zip for easy entry and exit

breathable front panel on the bag reduces condensation inside.


Bad points

keeping warm inside at night with the arms in the sleeves is difficult, better to turn the sleeves inside out and pull them inside the bag to retain body heat

waterproof outer skin is noisy when moving in the bag against bed rolls etc

lining is quilted with low thermal properties, designed to be used fully dressed rather than stripped down night wear

bulk and weight, compared with other sleeping bags of similar thermal performance the german army bag is heavy and bulky when rolled into its own unlined hood.



a cheap 3 season mummy style bag will probably perform better heat wise, be more compact and lighter in general use. think before buying this type of bag in preference to a normal one

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