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Have you recently won or are you thinking of bidding on a boat on eBay? Are you unsure of how to get it delivered and more importantly how much it will cost? 

Before I moved my yacht I did a lot of research on the internet, and just wanted to share some of the key points you should consider before choosing a boat delivery company:

o    Does the price quoted include VAT?
o    Ask about insurance, all reputable companies have insurance, but the value and level of cover can vary. 
o    How will your boat be delivered, will they sail it themselves from port to port or will it be towed on a trailer?
o    Check your own boat insurance, it may already cover your boat in transit.
o    If you opt for your boat to be sailed direct to you rather than transported on a trailer, be 100% sure that it is seaworthy and carries all of the necesary paperwork and harbour licenses.
o    If you opt for a sea delivery, be aware of the time of year and seasonal forecasts.  Severe bad weather could result in a delay in your delivery.
o    Before moving your boat, ensure you remove personal items, and anything left in the car is securely stowed away to prevent damge in transit.
o    If your boat is to be trailered, please ensure that the transporter has obtained the necessary permission if the boat should class as a wide load.

To get the best possible service and price it is advisable to get quotes from a number of companies, one website that allows you to easily do this is Shiply, which is an eBay certified solution and completely free to use.

You can read more about Shiply on eBay's web site here:

When I moved my boat using  Shiply I found that I received many bids from different boat transportation companies, so I achieved a much lower price.  Many of the companies were already doing similar routes and were just filling their load to a greater capacity which is also good for the environment.
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