Get Cheap Delivery Rates From Transporters

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Traditionally, when trying to deliver large items you would need to contact a local courier where you would be quoted full flat-rate.  Often this can be expensive and sometimes cost more than the item's worth itself.  A new solution -  Shiply solves this problem.

Did you know that 25% of lorries on Britain's roads run empty every year?  Every day there are lorries passing on similar journeys to yours and there is a web site which can help your goods "hitch a ride" and save a significant amount of money in doing so.

So, whether you are moving some furniture, white goods, boats, cars or indeed really anything at all, you can save yourself time in phoning around for quote after quote and let cheap delivery rates come to you.

The site is  Shiply and is an official eBay solution.

You can read more about Shiply and

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