Get Safe On Line

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There are site many web sites on the internet that do no not use encryption
when transmitting people personal data over the internet. Its when you get asked
details your name and address and register on to web sites they are not safe you
are then linked to payment sites
ie PayPal Google and many other secure payment services which carry encryption.
It can be difficult to tell a fantastic looking web site can have no security at
all and your personnel details are open for anyone to see. The other point to
why it can be difficult to spot an unsecure web site is the way some websites
work. ie MSN shows no sign of encryption until it
transmits peoples data over the internet it goes into
full encryption mode. What I have seen is 3 encryption methods used 3DES-EDE-CBC
168 bit which PayPal uses, E-bay, Google, HSBC, use RC4 128 Bit encryption and
the UK and US Government, the Post Office and our web sites Valroma perfume
kiosk use the Advanced  Encryption Standard AES 256-256 bit which
is the first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the NSA
for top secret information. Always try and see if web sites use SSL which can be
detected by changing the http to https  in the search bar of a web site and
refreshing the web browser. If the web site does not reappear in the secure mode
then you may have an unsecure site. The latest scam is websites promoting
security and claiming they can secure your site for payment for a logo to put
your web site. More help and advice on internet security at
JohnC Valjc limited Valroma perfume kiosk uk registered

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