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get selling its easy

  At first i didn't know how this all worked but after I put a couple on auction it got pretty easy, like for example: my first was my PSP with 4 games which I took a 4 pictures showing all the items features, equipment and to show potently buyers that it worked, there about 8 steps that you have to fill in but it is easy. I put PSP for £40.00 for the item and £5.00 for delivery first class.
Sometimes you might sell all of your items and other times you might just sell one.
It just depends what people are looking for, you can always relist the item if your item doesn’t sell, it gives you the chose you can keep the price as it is or you can reduce it.
I have been selling things on e-bay for a couple of months and altogether i have only sold about 15 items.  I have earned about £80.
Which after 2 months it that's not bad.
If you want you can set yourself targets like for example: in 1 month you want to about £50 then gradually build up your target.
And maybe after about a few months you could be earning about £250-£500 a month. 

So get selling and Good Luck.

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