*Get Sky on your PC for Free*

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Well, I think you've all seen this annoying auction when surfing through Ebay (Especially under TV's or the DVD player section!)

Basically, The TRUE auction should read "Get some foriegn TV programmes on your PC for free* The fact they mention Sky is usually that you can get QVC,Bid-up and the other shopping channels that are on Sky but DON'T Expect to get ANY proper English general Entertainment channels on the internet.

Sure , you can get Premiership football and some F1 but most are foreign speaking channels and dull boring news channels.

Another point here, If you WANT to really see for yourself, A friend has put a site up containing all the information you'll need (The very Same Email the seller will mail you for your £3.00- £5.00 depending on how greedy the seller is)

All the info is available on the internet anyway so why buy it?

1 - Go to floodle.net/extra/ebayinfo/  for all the info the sellers usually send.

2 - Do a search on the internet for mediacenter 1.0 (Yes, that IS spelled correctly)

3- Go to channelchanger.com for more free channels

4 - try joox.net for free movies, TV programmes (Can be downloaded too in divx format)

Remember also a lot of the programmes on mediacenter 1.0 contain porn channels and totally unsuitable for children so please beware!

NOT just Free TV on your PC but also other Ebooks, The Ultimate boot CD and loads of other interesting stuff that unscrupulous sellers place on Ebay.

Enjoy the site and do mail the website owner with any others you might have, Together we can really get rid of these annoying auctions that come up when we're searching for something genuine (I'm sure you find this rubbish annoying as I do!)

Bidding now will probably result in some of the links I've added here for free information!!

Another note here check the sellers feedback, the more informative internet users who buy this stuff soon leave either negative or neutral feedback and of course the seller will jump in quick to get that feedback withdrawn (so perhaps just building their feedback up)?

One final warning, you might come across TV on your PC programs on the internet for a one off fee, Again I can't warn enough that although some of these work, You'll find the same for free (The pay programs may include channel names but it could be a few guys with webcams in front pointing at their TV's, A lot of the football websites do this)

The basic principle is, If you've had Sky cut you off then please don't expect Sky movies, Sky Sports or Sky One, Living TV..Whatever you watched on Sky.

Hope you found this guide useful and thank you for reading and saving yourself money and possibly a retalitory negative feedback (Which the sellers will sometimes do soonever you've left them negative)



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