Get a FREE XBOX360, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP or Ipod

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Everyone wants to get their hands on the latest games consoles and around the web or even here on eBay, you can find many supposed ways to get around the system of paying for one.

There are however legitimate networks where you are rewarded for attracting customers to sign up to certain products or services and this guide is for one such system.

This system is the Kudos Network and it has now become the leading network in this field.

To be eligible for a free product such as an XBOX 360, a PS3, a Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS or PSP, you simply follow the steps listed below. You are creating revenue for the Kudos Network and are being rewarded for doing so. If you are sceptical (like I was), do a 'google' on the Kudos Network and read the many reviews on it's service. It's even been covered by BBC Newsnight and a video of that can be found on You Tube.

It's a very simple, quick and cheap way of getting the gaming system you really want.

Step 1) Copy and paste the link into your browser window

Step 2) Select the free gift you'd like and register your details

Step 3) You then need to complete an offer, before your account becomes active. I've seen that many people recommend the LOVEFiLM offer as it doesn't cost you anything, but personally I chose the Coral one, as i'm partial to the odd flutter :-(

Step 4) Once you've completed your offer, your account becomes active and you can start building up greens (referrals) by introducing friends and family to do the same (they can then start collecting themselves, if they so wish). Gifts such as the IPod Shuffle require just 3 referrals, but bigger items like the Nintendo Wii do require a few more, but still only 8. It's not too much to ask.

Step 5) Once you've got the necessary 'greens', your account for that item is complete and you'll recieve the item within 3 weeks and you can start collecting your greens again for your next item

Should you not have enough friends or family who are interested in helping you out, write a blog on sites such as this or facebook and you'd be amazed at how quick you start to pick up those 'greens'.

Good luck and happy FREE gaming.

Should you have any queries about this guide, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to sort them out for you.

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