Get a Zombie Makeover In 11 Simple Steps

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When it comes to making pretty people look hideous, few are as skilled as George Spensley-Corfield, a make-up and prosthetics artist whose movie credits include 'Cinderella', 'Into The Woods' and 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'.

Here he shares some insider secrets on how to give yourself an authentically horrifying zombie makeover, using only simple products that are readily available on eBay...

1. Prep Your Face

"Don't use anything harsh like make-up remover – I always just use a couple of baby wipes and some cleanser. Then I'll apply Nivea cream as a barrier, to stop any of the make-up or fake blood leaving stains. It'll also help when you're taking everything off."  
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2. Add Any Latex Or Gelatin Prosthetics

"Gelatin is generally easier to work with. It's easier to get it blended down to a smooth edge, so that it blends into your skin and you can't see the join. Use need a body-friendly glue – such as Pros-Aide – that will resist sweat, because if you're wearing a prosthetic for a long time and you start sweating a lot, it's going to come off. 

"The best places to position them are points where bone is close to the surface of the skin, and you don't have a lot of skin movement – so cheekbones and above the eyebrow are ideal. You can build up quite substantial wounds there without worrying about them coming off."

3. Add a Layer of Make-Up

"IPA-soluble stage-paint is what you want, in a natural skin tone. Flick it over the surface and of any prosthetics and blend them to the colour of your skin. 

"Overall, the aim is take all the life out of your face and look as dead as possible, so you want to be dulling down rosy cheeks and taking the flesh colour out of your lips. Entirely whiting out your face is a good way to start, and then you build up from there."
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4. Make Your Eyes Sunken

"Standard dark eye shadow works well. Concentrate on the lower half of the eyes – create a dark, sunken area on the bottom eyelid and blend it out from there. That'll look more authentically sunken than if you blend out from the top eyelid. Gradually build it up, and don't apply too much too fast, or it can look like you've just got two black eyes!"

5. Make Your Cheeks Sunken

"Use a natural colour from a make-up palette and apply it as if you're applying blusher. You only need a small amount, and from a distance it'll really look like you've got sunken cheeks."
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6. Deaden Your Lips

"Well, lipstick works, and you can also apply some Vaseline to distort lips and make them look damaged. What looks really effective is whiting out the lips: You put a flesh-coloured tone on them, and then maybe add a few green areas to give them a truly undead look."

7. Add Some Subtle Veins

"Use watered-down, water-based paint applied with a small paintbrush, then apply a layer of make-up over the top, so that they don't pop out too much and look unrealistic. You want them to look like they're under the surface of your skin – less is best!"

8. Make Your Skin Decompose

"Green is always good – a dull green though, no bright colours. Stay away from blue – it never quite looks real."
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9. Add Fake Blood

"It's easy to make your own – you just need cornflour, hot water and red and blue food colouring – adding a little blue along with the red will give your blood depth. 

"If you're using ready-made blood, buy a good quality one, as cheaper fake blood has a tendency to stain your skin and clothes, and it's tricky to get off. You'll be walking around for a day or two looking like you've been in a fight."

10. Decay Your Teeth

"You can buy tooth-decay make-up that works in a similar way to nail polish. Give your teeth a good clean and stipple the area with the make-up, trying not to breathe in through your mouth too much until it's set. 

"Sloshing brown food colouring around in your mouth is another way of browning teeth, although as it's water soluble it's a fairly temporary effect and won't last that long."
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11. Zombie-fy Your Hairdo

"Finally, rubbing conditioner into your hair will make it look greasy, or you can use cheap wet-look gel. The cheaper the better with hair products – if you use fancy ones you can end up as a zombie with lovely flowing locks, which isn't really the effect you're going for!"

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