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I just listed an item and I was on the review page. I clicked on the photo tips thing ( ) and it said that you shouldn't use flash. This worried me as I had used a flash in my photo and the longer I looked at it the more i thought I would like to add another photo but didn't really want to waste 12p so I held up my item against the screen next to the photo and took another photo that included both the first photo and my item. Sorry if that wasn't very clear. I am sorry that this only works with small items but it is a good way to save money. If you are looking at this guide later than half past one in the afternoon on the 1st september then don't bother with the next bit as my item will have ended. As a thankyou for the tip if you found it helpful and to see an example of what I mean please look at my item by clicking on this link and then on "LOOK! Handmade Silver Pink ornament / decoration / gift":

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