Get some FREEBIES..... ipod... psp and MORE

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First things your mind; if you are convinced that this is a scam, then nothing I can say or show you will change that.  Just walk away and get your wallet out, ready to part with £425 plus for you PS3.

Still reading?  Good, then let me briefly explain the parties involved in getting you the free console:

You !   Your role is to take out a single promotional offer from one of a number of online sponsors.  Each site varies its offers but they all involve reputable multi-national organisations.   The two best offers....because they are free!....are LOVEFiLM (DVD and games rental) and Which?.   Both are no obligation trials.

The sponsor (offer) companies: Pay a commission to the giveaway site for you signing up to trial their products.

The giveaway site:  Uses that commission to make a profit and cover your free gift.

Friends and family:  Help spread the word and get you the required number of referrals, then proceed to earn themselves their free PS3s.

They say that nothing in life in free and you could argue that having to sign up for offers is the cost you pay.  Not really a cost if you take one of the free one's that is available, hence why it is accurate to say "get your free PS3".

My personal tally to date (with a lot of effort but virtually no cost), is a Xbox 360, two iPod Nano's, a Nintendo Wii, LG Chocolate phone and £120 in PayPal payments.

My website has no connection to EXCEEM....


Any questions, just ask.

Enjoy !

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