Get the Best from your Stockings and Hosiery

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Me in my Electric Blue 15 Denier Stockings
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Me in my Electric Blue 15 Denier Stockings

As part of my customer service programme I have a little tip for you to make Stockings, Hold Ups and Tights fit you better and hopefully enhance that wonderful feeling you will get from wearing them.
Due to the way the stockings and Tights are made you will need to warm them up so to speak.
When you wear each Pair for the first time pull them on as normal making sure the foot feels quite tight around your toes. Then leave them for a few moments until they have warmed to your body temperature. Then carefully roll them down to just below the knee and pull them up again. You will find they stretch to fit you better and stay stretched. As long as you have Selected the correct Size they will  become true “Thigh Highs”. You only have to do this the first time you wear them. The Nylon in the mix will stay stretched to fit you and the Lycra will keep them tight and prevent any sagging
I always recommend the use of hosiery gloves when you are putting the stockings on as they are liable to be  damaged  from  your hands and finger nails.
With Silicone Band Hold Ups always avoid body lotion, creams, talcum powder and fabric conditioners as they may effect the performance . If the Silicone Band Does Get Contaminated a good tip is to wipe the band with a little Acetone Nail varnish remover on a cotton pad to restore the performance. 
Hold-ups will fit most People.  However, those who experience any discomfort or an adverse reaction should discontinue wearing them.

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