Get the Most from Your Photo

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Just a few small changes will help you get more from your photography, it's this simple:

1. Check your camera settings - Always use the highest resolution possible when taking photographs you think you'd like to put on canvas. It will use more memory but will provide a much higher quality photo meaning a better canvas. You can always delete the ones you donl;t want after to get back your camera memory.

2. Consider eye level photography - If you're taking photographs of children, babies or animals, try getting down to their level to take your picture.

3. Positioning - Don't be afraid to move the main subject of your photo to the side of the background is worth capturing too.

4. The importance of good lighting - Make sure you have enough light. A dark picture will miss a lot of detail. Play with shadows and light sources to create different effects. Landscape and seascape images can look great at dawn and dusk to create wonderful 3 or 4 panel canvases.

5. Getting to know the manual - Read the manual. If you know all the features and functions of your camera you will have more tools on hand to create the perfect image.

6. Carry your camera everywhere - Be prepared and carry yoiur camera everywhere. You never know when the perfect shot will appear and you'll be diappointed if you miss it!

7. Consider different angles - Take pictures from different angles, you can make the most unremarkable things appear remarkable!


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