Get the best from your automatic drinks machine Part 1

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The first of three mini guides to help you get the best from your drinks machine.


This is a much overlooked issue when it comes to getting the best from your machine.

When selecting where to put your machine you should take into account -

  • Services
  • Access
  • Other facilities


Automatic drinks machines require water & electricity supplies within 1m of their location for correct installation. The water supply should have an isolation valve immediately before the machine connection. The connection to the electricity supply should be direct to the socket or fused spur. Extension cables should not be used.


Apart from actually being able to get to the machine to use it there should be enough room for the machine door to be opened fully for regular cleaning and servicing. The regular cleaning will take some time to do so the machine should not be sited in walkways or corridors where cleaning will hinder the movement of other people. The Health & Safety people will also take a dim view of walkways being obstructed.

Other facilities

For the benefit of the people doing the cleaning and maintenance, it would be useful to have a table and an additional source of hot water nearby. This water source must not be from a toilet or washroom area. The reasons for these additional facilities will be apparrent in the third guide.

I hope that this information is useful to you.

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