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As a regular eBay seller and buyer, I've had my ups and downs with sellers and buyers that aren't up to scratch! And there is nothing worse than feeling like you wasted your money, so I'm leaving you a few tips to help you be the best seller you can be and get your seller feedback to a perfect 100%
It's simple.. Know what you're selling!
-Know what it is, who made it, how it fits
-Is it comfortable? Flattering?
-Suggest outfit ideas to your sellers! In your description add key ideas for outfits to suit all people i.e. "Pair with a simple denim jacket for a cute casual look or a leather jacket for a little edge"
-Always add the RRP! It is important for buyers to know that they are getting a bargain! Adding this (especially on expensive items) reassures buyers that what they are getting is quality!
-Communication! If you are posting a day later than expected.. Let your buyer know! Leave them a thankyou email for their purchase, make them know that you really care that they bought from you!

But most of all, don't false advertise! Any small defects they need to know! For the extra couple of quid you could make, it;s not worth the bad feedback.
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